Safe sleeping recommendations

Originally posted here by Dr. Stan Spinner, Texas Children’s Pediatrics and Texas Children’s Urgent Care Chief Medical Officer The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently announced new safe sleep recommendations to help protect against sleep-related infant deaths. Sudden death of an infant less that 1-year of age that cannot be explained, even after a thorough investigation, is referred to as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The cause of SIDS is still unknown. We do know that SIDS is not choking, apnea or suffocation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year in the United States...

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Mummy & Maker Designing and Wineing

Mummy & Maker Designing and Wineing   Until I was a mother I never knew how challenging, draining and exhausting being a parent could truly be. I spent my whole life in education right up to graduating and thought all nighters in the library doing an essay, the day before it was due, was a test of my patience and work ethic. How wrong I was. Giving birth and raising a human trumped the hardship of university on every possible level.   The thing is, at university at least you get to let your hair down once or twice...

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Show Your Real Beauty With Hairlooms

It’s time to untangle the truth. If you have felt that you are not beautiful, that your natural hair is not good enough to be seen in public or that you need to have pin straight hair to go to that meeting, you are in the right place. Hairlooms author Michele Tapp Roseman understands. She knows that millions of women and girls around the world do not feel that they are good enough. The media, some workplaces and schools have set up a standard for your tresses. Straight hair is professional and curly hair is “wild”, “untamed’ and sometimes...

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Top Parent Blog Posts of The Week (4)

We start off this week’s finds of top parenting blogg posts (other than the great writers on our site) with our Blogger of The Year, Momma’ Braga’s post with Furbaby and Baby Introduction. It can be done! Dear Agony Dad has a video on how to let his little one poop in peace. Hilarious! One Hull of a Dad posts an interesting article to parents. Is it really fair to keep a child doing something that they hate? DIY Daddy has an insightful post, Premature babies, a Dad’s View. The Lipstick Print touches on an important issue, making...

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Pause and seek to understand…

I often wonder if it is people that make life more complicated than it really needs to be? I know that we can’t control the weather of life itself. We can’t control what is coming unseen around the corner… But the one thing we can control is how we behave towards one and other. I think that the more we try to understand each other… The better versions of ourselves we will be. It is not an easy thing to do but genuinely, if we all understood each others point of view a little bit better, we would be less likely to react and more keen to be kind! I know that we are all different, and thank goodness for that!! The diversity of the world allows for us to learn so much about how to live, and how not to too! Some of us are beautifully in tune with each other, and some just see the world differently….. My husband very clearly has his Emotional Intelligence radar switched to “WTF”…. More often than not, he totally misses the point!! He totally misses the importance of something that means so much to me! It is actually amazing we are still married and indeed still laughing! His eye for detail and technical proficiency just isn’t the same as my Philosophical musing and deep thoughts. Quite frankly they don’t match at...

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