All About The Old School Coach App

  Steve Holden, aka Old School Coach, will instantly remind you of your high school football coach or  that tough grandfather you had, you know the one, when you fell down told you to just “walk it off?” Old School Coach is a real-life fitness trainer and motivational coach with 40 years of experience.  Daily messages from Coach will make you laugh and think about fitness in a different light with his “out of the box” approach! It’s definitely not another fitness app (thank goodness)! Coach will travel along with you in your daily journey to a healthier lifestyle whether you...

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How did wearing a helmet impact my son’s sleep?   Your baby has Positional Plagiocephaly and Torticollis and will need to wear a helmet in order to fix it” are not the words any parent likes to hear. However, this kind of condition has become much more common since the back to sleep campaign started in the early 90’s. I inevitably blamed myself. Were we really not doing “enough” tummy time? Were we putting my son in baby holders too often? Did he really need  to wear a helmet or was there something else we could do? Would he have a flat head forever, get teased for it when he’s 12 and then blame us? Next thing we are told: “Your son’s head flatness ratio is 5 Standard Deviations from the norm. He is at the extreme end of the bell curve and basically, no matter how much Physical Therapy he has, he’ll never be within the ‘normal head shape’ range, unless you get him a helmet.” Awesome. A whole variety of reasons have likely contributed to the reason that my son now wears a helmet. I’m sure this is partly related to being born prematurely. After getting our son’s head shape scanned and analyzed and waiting what felt like a lifetime for insurance approval- we were able to pick up his helmet from an orthotic provider in Chicago just over a month ago. As my...

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Droppa Is Our App of The Year!!!

The Baby Spot tests hundreds of apps a year. We are so lucky to see the latest apps that help parents. Each year, we choose one app to be our App of the Year. This year was an easy choice. We are so happy to announce that Droppa is our App of the Year! Every parent values their time only second to their family. Across the globe, our readers have given us the same feedback: we need more TIME. Droppa does just that! It is a fully integrated calendar events schedule for family and friends! Are you a family...

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Finally, Babysits is coming to help parents in Canada!

Finally, Babysits is coming to help parents in Canada!   On November 16th, Babysits is launching its new website and mobile app that aim to connect parents and babysitters in Canada. Babysits is an online community marketplace that brings together childcare demand and supply in one place. Finding a babysitter on short notice can be time-consuming and even frustrating, which is why Babysits has created a safe and reliable platform that facilitates rapid communication between parents and babysitters. This can be done online or through the iOS and Android app stores.   What’s more is that Babysits is completely...

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PNP Santa for Personalized Video Messages and Phone Calls To Your Children

Santa is on his way in a few short weeks and PNP has a beautiful gift for your children! PNP , or Portable North Pole is a website and an app that sends personalized video messages and phone calls from Santa to your loved ones. We got to add our picture of our children as Santa checked his nice list. When our children discovered their picture on the nice list, they were excited! We were also able to fill in one of the good things they did this year and Santa read it to them! You can also get...

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