How Brady and Deucey Became Buster and Lucy to Get Princess Autumn Home

We love books where children and animals are incorporated living harmoniously together, respecting one another and loving each other. We also appreciate the fact that the topic of death can be hard to speak to children about, but that it is necessary as death is a part of life. How Brady and Deucey Became Buster and Lucy to Get Princess Autumn Home covers so many important topics and is a great book for children and adults alike. “No need to mourn, forever, you’re always you, just in slightly different forms, know this to be true.” Brady and Deucey are...

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How did wearing a helmet impact my son’s sleep?   Your baby has Positional Plagiocephaly and Torticollis and will need to wear a helmet in order to fix it” are not the words any parent likes to hear. However, this kind of condition has become much more common since the back to sleep campaign started in the early 90’s. I inevitably blamed myself. Were we really not doing “enough” tummy time? Were we putting my son in baby holders too often? Did he really need  to wear a helmet or was there something else we could do? Would he have a flat head forever, get teased for it when he’s 12 and then blame us? Next thing we are told: “Your son’s head flatness ratio is 5 Standard Deviations from the norm. He is at the extreme end of the bell curve and basically, no matter how much Physical Therapy he has, he’ll never be within the ‘normal head shape’ range, unless you get him a helmet.” Awesome. A whole variety of reasons have likely contributed to the reason that my son now wears a helmet. I’m sure this is partly related to being born prematurely. After getting our son’s head shape scanned and analyzed and waiting what felt like a lifetime for insurance approval- we were able to pick up his helmet from an orthotic provider in Chicago just over a month ago. As my...

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Eclairs Recipes

Everyone loves to eat eclairs! Finding your favorite bakery that produces soft, warm eclairs is a treat that one can look forward to. Consider the book Eclairs by Christophe Adam your own private lesson in your own kitchen with a world renowned chef to help you along the way. This delicious and easy to follow book has 35 recipes for eclairs. Even the new cook can enjoy these step by step photographs and easy to follow instructions. Start with one of fifteen basic recipes and build into some of the more inventive ones! Experiment, enjoy but just remember to...

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For Your Curly Haired Child: Curlee Girlee

Embrace your unique features! What a beautiful message to send to our children. Curlee Girlee is not just an adorable book about creating confidence one GIRL at a time, but it is a movement. Author Atara Twersky has a mantra, one curl, one girl at a time. Her book, Curlee Girlee is about a little girl of the same name who is mad at her curly whirly hair. Why can’t it grow down her back instead of sideways and curly whirly? Why can’t she just be like every other little girl? With the love and help of her Mother,...

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New Mom Comics

We have just fallen in love with a new Comic Book and we have to share it with our audience! New Mom Comics: The First Year is hilarious for all parents to  reminisce, laugh and have those aha moments about their first year of parenting. This book is a compilation of a year of comics about the adventures of being a new mom! New and experienced parents alike will love to curl up and have a laugh with this book. From those 3-6 month onesies you bought that suddenly don’t fit, to the dozens of nick names you gave...

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