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Mummy & Maker Designing and Wineing   Until I was a mother I never knew how challenging, draining and exhausting being a parent could truly be. I spent my whole life in education right up to graduating and thought all nighters in the library doing an essay, the day before it was due, was a test of my patience and work ethic. How wrong I was. Giving birth and raising a human trumped the hardship of university on every possible level.   The thing is, at university at least you get to let your hair down once or twice...

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VALENTINE’S DAY IS AROUND THE CORNER!  CELEBRATE WITH GIFTS THAT ARE  RED, PINK AND FULL OF LOVE *** The Special Little and Big People In Your Life Will Fall Head Over Heels For Sentimental And Festive Valentine’s Day Gifts By Isabelle Grace Jewelry, Lorena Canals, Feltman Brothers, DockATot, And Finn + Emma Valentine’s Day is almost here! On this special day of love, we all enjoy giving and receiving sentimental gifts and surrounding ourselves with traditional hearts, captivating pinks, ravishing reds! This Valentine’s Day, you’ll be seeing hearts, reds, and pinks all over with gush-worthy gifts by Isabelle Grace...

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After Baths With Baby Care by E-Cloth

We are so excited to introduce Baby Care by E-cloth to our readers. This adorable large, luxury hooded towels gets your child excited about bath time and gives parents a peace of mind. From newborn to five years old,  these hooded towels are great for children who have sensitive skin and non sensitive skin alike. The e-cloth towel makes life a lot easier for both children and parents. Your children are warmed immediately by millions of tiny fiber strands and the soothing towel dries 4 times faster than cotton! Your child can be dressed and ready for the day or prepared for bedtime in no time! Using capillary action, there is no need to rub your child dry any longer. Simply place the hood over the child’s head, wrap the child in the towel and pat dry, no need to rub at all. To machine wash, simply clean in hot water, using a small amount of detergent. Choose to tumble or hang dry. Make sure to turn hood inside out during drying! Our little one loves bath time because when she leaves the bath, she can be dried instantly and get to her next task. We also have a sensitive skinned child and she did not have any rashes after using this wonderful product. In various designs, your child will look adorable as they dry off! Get your E-Cloth...

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Helping Children Take Their Medicine With MediMixer- Kickstarter of The Week

As a parent, getting my children to take their medicine was brutal! They would fight me EVERY step of the way. It is so important that kids get the correct dosage for the correct amount of days prescribed and I would waste so much medicine just to make sure they were getting it correctly. If you have kids, I am sure you can relate to this! So what is a parent to do? When my kids were younger there really was not much I can do but now there IS!!! I would like to introduce MediMixer which is coming...

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Soap Sox Makes Bathtime Fun and Easy!

SoapSox is a fantastic way to get your little one excited about bath time! We received Flounder from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and we think this is a perfect product for your infant, toddler or child! This 2- in 1 fun is a perfect plush friend for playtime and yes, Flounder can come into the bath with your little one! This toy is perfect for a baby looking for bright colours/colors to stimulate them while in the bath, your toddler who is getting used to bath time, or your adventurous child who is ready to play in the water!...

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