PRIMO For All of Your Baby Needs!

PRIMO is a perfect business for parents! Launched in 1994 in Irvington, New Jersey, PRIMO ensures customers that they will provide bigger, better and brighter high quality products that every parent needs for their baby!  PRIMO is constantly expanding with an award winning product line in the categories of style, quality, safety and functionality from all over the globe! Most PRIMO products are made in the USA. From toilet trainers to bed guard rails, PRIMO emphasizes being Environmentally Conscious, BPA Free, Lead Free and Phthalate free.   With so many options for the new parent, PRIMO is your only...

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After Baths With Baby Care by E-Cloth

We are so excited to introduce Baby Care by E-cloth to our readers. This adorable large, luxury hooded towels gets your child excited about bath time and gives parents a peace of mind. From newborn to five years old,  these hooded towels are great for children who have sensitive skin and non sensitive skin alike. The e-cloth towel makes life a lot easier for both children and parents. Your children are warmed immediately by millions of tiny fiber strands and the soothing towel dries 4 times faster than cotton! Your child can be dressed and ready for the day or prepared for bedtime in no time! Using capillary action, there is no need to rub your child dry any longer. Simply place the hood over the child’s head, wrap the child in the towel and pat dry, no need to rub at all. To machine wash, simply clean in hot water, using a small amount of detergent. Choose to tumble or hang dry. Make sure to turn hood inside out during drying! Our little one loves bath time because when she leaves the bath, she can be dried instantly and get to her next task. We also have a sensitive skinned child and she did not have any rashes after using this wonderful product. In various designs, your child will look adorable as they dry off! Get your E-Cloth...

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Yak Lives Matter: Why Baby Clothes Desperately Need Affirmative Action

I’m a product of corporate America, where you are taught things like, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and that diversity and inclusion lead to better performing teams, improved financial outcomes, and enhanced overall corporate cultures.  Well, four months into being a new father, I pretty much had to discard those ingrained convictions relative to my son’s wardrobe, which is about as diverse as a KKK rally in the deep south. I failed to notice this lack of diversity upon acquisition and receipt of my son’s clothes, which for the most part were generously gifted to...

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Things you can do to revitalize your super-mom energy

          Parenting is a beautiful thing, because you get to shape a whole new person. However, even though it is filled with happy moments, it can drain your energy sometimes. As a parent, you won’t get much free time, but when you do, use it to revitalize your energy and be ready for new parenting challenges. Here are some great ideas for your 5 minutes of relaxation. Gather Your Girls It has probably been a while since you and your girlfriends have spent some quality time together. As soon as you grab a little time,...

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How Donald Trump’s Victory Forever Changed My Perspective on Baby Poop

According to Baby Center’s Complete Guide to Baby Poop, there is a wide variety of normal pooping frequency among babies; some poop after every meal and some poop only once or twice per week, while the color and consistency may vary based on age or other circumstances.  They stress that what is important is not so much the frequency of the poop, but rather that it is coming out reasonably soft. The norms for frequency, color, and consistency did not hold true for America on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  Nearly 61 million citizens from these United States deposited a...

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