Sydney Itinerary: 5 Days for the Whole Family


Sydney is a gift that keeps on giving – a perfect vacation spot for people of all generations and a city with an endless supply of things to see and do. This is what makes it ideal for a family vacation. However, Sydney offers so much activity to enjoy around every corner; it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where to start or where to finish for that matter. If you do not want to arrive there with a pack of kids not knowing how to proceed, here is a suggestion for 5-day Sydney itinerary a whole family can enjoy.

Day One

Jet lag can hit you really hard once you land on Sydney Airport, so the most important thing is to keep your family together through the entire ruckus and find a taxi that will get you directly to your accommodations of choice. With 350 hotels that range from economical motels to five-star behemoths with Opera House views, there is an overwhelming number of choices, however, there is a chance to balance it out. With some of the best options for family accommodation in Darling Harbour, you can enjoy the affordable, comfy and kid-friendly stay in the world’s most vibrant sunshine bathed city.

Most of your first day can be spent exploring the downtown, locally known as Central Business District, and visit some of the most famous sights – a rite of passage for newcomers. Sydney Opera House is usually the first place most people decide to visit. Spend some time marveling at this genius stroke of architecture with your kids and later have a nice meal at one of the seaside restaurants. Royal Botanical Gardens are also nearby if you are in the mood for an afternoon away from all the verve and, if you and your kids are in the mood for something educative, you can swing by the Rocks (a part of town west of the Opera House).

Day Two

You can start off this day by paying a visit to Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is one of the most important and recognized locations of the city and a landmark with long history. You can spend a significant part of the day marveling at this construction and if you want to learn more about it, you have the option to climb the bridge to the top with a recording of the long and detailed history narrating you and your family. However, you should now this activity is not particularly suited for smaller children (mostly under the age of ten), as they might find it strenuous and boring, not to mention trigger a fear of heights.

Instead, you can go down to the Rocks for a particularly interesting (criminal) history lesson about this dynamic part of town with many secrets to uncover. After this, you can return to Darling Harbour and take a tour of Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, which is a perfect fit for a child of any age. In fact, you might also get giddy with excitement once you are up and close with Australia’s endemic marine life.

Day Three

Darling Harbour still holds some of the best activities for youngsters. You can bring them to Madame Tussauds and proceed afterwards to Wildlife World. Just as Sydney Aquarium give you a chance to get close and personal with marine life, so does Wildlife World give you a chance to closely inspect its land-locked fauna. Your children will be stoked to see kangaroos, koalas, wombats etc.

Do not miss to pay a visit to the Harbourside Shopping Centre which is a perfect place for people who want to shop on a budget. Take time to browse for souvenirs you can take home as gifts for the family and your own memorabilia and have a long and relaxing meal at one of the nearby restaurants that cater well for visiting families. Try to choose a place that is right by the beach so you can soak in the jaw-dropping vistas and some healthy sunshine.

Day Four

By day four you should start expanding your radius, so you can have a nice excursion to Sydney’s renowned Chinatown. The architecture will literally transport you to a world of wonder unlike anything you have seen before and colorful neon-lit Chinese architecture will make you forget you are in Australia altogether. Take a chance to have adventurous meals in one of the numerous Asian restaurants. Additionally, you can jump on a fairy and take your family to Manly, a picturesque suburb on the northern side of the harbor. You can spend the rest of the day exploring this quaint mini-peninsula.

Day Five

Your final day should be reserved exclusively for beach-side activities. Spend the afternoon at the Bondi Beach, the most famous beach in Sydney. Here’s where you can enjoy countless aquatic activities and mingle with an incredible variety of people. Who knows, you might just meet another family and forge a friendship that will last a lifetime. If you are an early bird, you can take the famous Bondi to Coogee coastal walk with your family.

With a carefully laid plan for your vacation with your family, you can focus on what really matters in this situation – rejuvenating or strengthening bonds with your children and your significant other. Each adventure, a new location or an activity to experience brings you closer together and, who knows, you might just discover surprising new traits of someone you thought you knew completely along the way. You will not find out unless you plunge into the adventure in a place you have never visited before.