Tips for Planning Perfect Kids’ Birthday Parties


When you have a kid’s birthday party ahead, your main concern is probably how to keep your home intact. Kids are so incredibly energetic and playful, and what was once a lovely living room or a garden end up as a battlefield for a food fight. Of course, it’s not just about keeping your home clean (even though that’s important, too); it’s about making your children happy. For them, this day is a true holiday, celebration of how special they are, and we offer you a few tips to make their party the best one ever.

Decide who to invite

Talk to your kids and ask them who they want to invite to their birthday party. Don’t just invite everyone from their class without talking to them, or immediately include younger or older siblings of their friends. Before you make such a move, ask them if they’re okay with it; maybe they don’t have a good relationship with some kids and you didn’t even know that. When you agree on the guest list, check to see if they are available that day. If a lot of them can’t make it, consider throwing a party some other day or changing the time. Make the invitations and send them, or give them to your child and have them invite their friends.

Where will the party happen?

The cheapest solution is always to host a party at your own home or a garden. However, this is not always a good idea, especially if you invite a lot of people, because it means you will have to prepare the space for them and clean up afterwards. Community recreation centers or kid-friendly restaurants will be happy to host your party if you book them in advance. This also means that you will be coming back to a clean home and won’t have to worry about broken vases and shattered windows, and you will not be the ‘bad parent’ for running around and asking them to calm down a bit.

Organize the food

Preparing food for a bunch of children is always a challenge because you have to worry about a lot of things. For example, you must remember who is allergic to peanuts and who to strawberries, who is gluten-intolerant and who simply hates tomatoes. After you have memorized it all, there is also the matter of preparing something they will like. The best thing is to prepare ordinary food such as hotdogs, crackers, and chocolate cake but to decorate it a bit differently and give it a strange name. They will fall in love with pear penguins or stick snacks (where you simply put fruit on a stick and dip it in chocolate).

Ask them what they want

Deciding what kind of party you will plan does not have to be difficult if only you ask your kids what they want. Perhaps they’re into cowboys, dinosaurs, princesses, or monsters – unless you talk to them and ask them what they want, there is a chance you will pick the wrong theme. This is not your party but kids birthday and if they want dinosaurs and trampolines, you can try to make it happen. It can happen that their idea is too complicated to put into action, but that is something you should explain and not simply change it without even talking to them.

Kids don’t need much: they need each other for company, they need sweets, and plenty of room to run around. However, if you leave them unsupervised, the innocent play can easily turn into a nightmare and they can even fall or otherwise get hurt from all that running and playing. Remember to always have a plan, organize some sort of activity to keep them entertained and they’ll be good to go.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.