What is your favorite dessert? Do you have a sweet tooth or are you more a savory person? There are few desserts that can satisfy your sweet craving, but nothing compares to gulab jamuns! This Indian/South Asian sweet is delicious. Our daughter can’t get enough of them. She loves to go into Indian bakeries and stores and stare longingly at the delicious treat, hoping to get a few to bring home. When author Sandhya Acharya introduced us to her book, 10 Gulab Jamuns, Counting with an Indian Sweet Treat, we were intrigued. We love the dessert and we love books that highlight delicious dishes.

Sandhya is a fan of gulab jamuns and wants to spread the love of this delicious treat to all children around the world. Since we are a global magazine, we knew this book would have a nice home with us.


10 Gulab Jamuns is about a Mother making a delicious supper for her and her family, including her two adorable sons. The boys love this sweet treat and Mom makes 10 gulab jamuns with her sons. But when Mom leaves to let the dessert cool, the boys have different plans!

10 Gulab Jamuns encourages your children to count how many of the delicious treat each boy eats and to learn how many are left. It is a great introduction to subtraction for your little ones and older children will enjoy the delight and cheekiness of the brothers. Mom exhibits patience and understanding for the boys as they sneak their favorite treat and at the end of book, readers are spoiled with a recipe for gulab jamuns!

This book is perfect for all children. For children of a south Asian/ Indian decent will love a book that highlights this delicious treat and children all over the world will be begging their parents to make gulab jamuns!

10 Gulab Jamuns also promotes bonding with family, to bake and cook together, to love each other through accidents and mistakes and most of all, to love and appreciate the perfect treat which is the gulab jamun.

If you are looking for a book that teaches patience, kindness, sensory skill or if you’re just looking for a yummy gulab jamun recipe, this book is for you.


Bio of author: Sandhya Acharya grew up in Mumbai, India, and now lives in Santa Clara, California. She has always loved eating Gulab Jamuns, though she must confess she may not be great at cooking them. She does love cooking stories though. When she is not writing, she is busy training for marathons, learning a form of Indian classical dance, and enjoying the childhood of her young sons. Her articles have featured in NPR(KQED), India Currents and IMC connect. She won the third prize in Katha 2017, a short story contest by India Currents and Wellstone Center in the Redwoods for her story “Cherry Blossoms”. Her short stories have also appeared in literary journals like Peacock Journal, and Aaduna. She also blogs regularly at www.sandhyaacharya.com.