10 Important Things to Get Ready For Baby’s Arrival

For every parent, kids are their whole world. They make sure to provide each and every necessary thing right from the birth. That’s why, when they get the news of baby’s arrival, they start listing all the required items. However, most of the times, they forget basic things in order to collect the major ones. Here, we have listed 10 important things that parents should consider to make themselves ready for baby arrival.

  1. Baby Clothes + Laundry Supplies

Baby Clothes and Laundry supplies are the most important things during the first few months of baby arrival. However, new parents often forget or neglect a few essentials while selecting clothes for their babies like clothes’ material and scented clothes.

Always select non-fragrant baby special laundry and bath supplies because new born babies are sensitive to smells, even floral fragrance can harm them. Besides, only use fragrance-free wet tissues.

  1. Baby Scrap Book

Creating scrap book helps you in securing important moments of you and your kids. You can start this practice from the first day by securing baby’s foot prints and palm prints. Consult your doctor and take help of the nurses to get the prints safely.

  1. Tissue Warmer

Skin of new born baby is not only delicate but it is easily prone to infections. Hence, moms use wet tissues to clean the skin, however, in the fall or winter season, you baby may get rashes. To avoid the issue, it is recommended to use tissue warmer.

  1. Prefer Mosquito Nets Instead of Repellent Liquids

As we have mentioned earlier, any type of fragrances is harmful to your newborn so instead of using mosquito repellent liquids, use a full- size mosquito. It helps you and your baby from bugs and mosquitos without harmful chemicals.

  1. Select Unique & Meaningful Baby Names

Selecting a perfect baby name is a tedious task. Sometimes it takes days while sometimes months to figure out a good baby name. Hence, start preparing a list of unique baby names irrespective of the sex. No matter whether you know the sex of your baby, keep a few shortlisted names with you

After baby’s arrival, parents won’t get enough time to do a good research. Always remember the name is the only thing that remains with your kid, a good name fills your kid with pride. It is a decision for lifetime hence, do not take it in rush.

  1. Be Prepared for Breastfeeding from Day One

First milk after the delivery (Colostrum) is very important for a baby as it helps in building immunity in your kid. Doctors also recommend breastfeeding your baby for at least six months if you want a proper growth of your child. Every mom should be aware of this fact and get this done on the first-day delivery.

  1. First Day Photo-Shoot Props

Memories are important so do your little angle. Never do anything in excitement that lead to a painful experience. There are tons of clothes and props are available in the market. Select safe and comfortable costumes during the photo shoot and make sure that props like angel wings and wrappers won’t hurt them.

  1. Baby Proof Room

Baby proofing includes keeping things dust free especially the carpet, bed sheet and stuffed toys. Unhygienic things like dirty clothes, pillow covers, stuffed toys, etc. can cause allergies to your baby. So, either avoid using these things or keep them clean. Regularly wash the clothes, pillow covers and bed sheets with an antiseptic liquid to protect your kid from unnecessary infection or allergy.

  1. Learn how to burp a baby

Yes, it is necessary for your baby to burp after every meal. The timing and frequency of burping may differ according to the baby’s feeding habit. But one thing is for sure that you should know how to burp a baby. It is not a difficult task but most of the parents are unaware of the safe technique. Hence, consult a doctor to get the complete information about it. Never make baby sit to burp as it is harmful to underdevelopment backbone.

  1. Avoid Purchasing Too Many Similar Items

Every kid has different requirements. It is not necessary that a particular brand or size is perfect for all. In this case, avoid purchasing too many products of same brand and size such as Baby diapers, Baby clothes, and Maternity clothes. Buy only a limited amount so that you can change the things according to the necessities.

Make your baby’s arrival a joyful experience by remembering all the minute details. All the Best!