10 Tips For New Dog Owners

By: Hung Nguyen



Photo credit: MSVG via Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: MSVG via Foter.com / CC BY

One of God’s best gifts to man is the dog, whose genial and effusive laugh has been placed in his tail.


Notice how delighted he is when on Sunday morning his master takes him for a walk across the paddocks, or along some bush road, with the noisy cicada screaming overhead.


Watch him as he run forty or fifty yards ahead, and then looks round to make sure that his owner is following; and then with joyous bounds hastening back to see that all is right.


The 10 following tips which should be known by all dog owner


  1. Keep your dog in a warm, dry place, protected from draught.
  2. Have your dog house sufficiently large so that the dog can stand up in it. Keep this clean at all times. Whitewash the dog house once in awhile. For bedding use shavings or straw.
  3. To keep a pup in a house, have a grocery box in the kitchen and have a door so that you can keep the dog inside. Newspapers may be used for bedding. After a day or so the pup will know that this is his house, and he will not bark while in it. He will also try to keep it clean.
  4. Let your dog out of doors as much as possible, and always take him out for a few minutes after feeding.
  5. Delouse the dog once in awhile, so that he will not bring fleas or lice into the house, and so that he feel comfortable.
  6. Take care of your dog properly, overfeeding is worse than underfeeding. Avoid giving him fats, pork, potatoes, fat gravy, and candy. Raw beef is good for a dog. Let him have plenty of water.
  7. Be kind to your dog. Never work your temper off on him.
  8. Young dogs should have bread soaked in milk, and should be fed four or five times a day. A big beef bone with a little meat on it is good for them once in awhile. After a few weeks give them table scraps.
  9. Always have a collar with your name, address, and telephone number on your dog, so that if he gets hurt or strays away he can be returned to you.
  10. During his puppyhood days give him something to play with. An old felt hat that has passed its period of useful service will do as well as anything. This will serve him for amusement and for exercise a couple of hours each day. It will also help to keep him out of mischief.


Caring for your dog, if you are a new owner, may seem like a lot of work, but it is essential if you want a strong and healthy canine. Visit http://dog.stayhealthyblog.com/ when you are looking for guidelines to keep your dog healthy.