Say Mom, I Love You with these gifts for her


Mom is the most beautiful and brave person on this earth. Beautiful not only from outside but also from inside and she is brave because she would face any calamities to keep her child safe. So celebrating a single mother’s day won’t be enough to say a thank you to her. Celebrate each day with her by being on her side and spending some quality time with her often. Buy personalized mother’s day gifts or a new sari for mom on New Year’s Eve and make her feel special with your love and attention. We used to be with her all the time as a kid and then as we grow up, other people also come into our lives and then we end up with a little time for her. So, on special occasions like her birthday or Mother’s Day, you have to make up for the lost times and some wonderful gifts would help you in expressing the love for her.



Here’s a list for some of the personalized things that she would definitely enjoy as a gift.


  • Recliner sofa is something she requires but would never say you. Her lazy afternoons with books and pets would be a bit more relaxing with this comfortable recliner. You can personalize this gift by getting a cover for this recliner with her name on it.
  • Get her a personalized diary as she loves writing daily journals. Her picture, signature, and one of her creative lines would be on the cover of this diary. Give her this gift on her birthday.
  • To make sure she is sleeping comfortably, check the condition of the pillows and cushions. If they require a replacement immediately change it with newer sets. Get personalized covers for each one of them. Include things she likes as images over the covers like mountains, painting, books, etc. instead of her picture and images. The final product would be interesting.
  • A new apron on Mother’s Day with a Chef Cap for her. The dish that she is famous for should be the center image for the apron while the chef should say “Head of Creative Spices” or “Cook Well & Eat Well”.


  • A jewelry box can be customized for her. Engrave the wooden box with her name and a nice design which itself expresses that it is a jewelry box. To make it a bit more interesting keep a bunch of bangles inside it.
  • Lampshades would be the best choice of personalized gifts for mom. Make sure you are ordering for a large sized floor lamp to make it look all the more stunning and glittering. Collect her childhood to wedding day and 25th anniversary pictures and collate it for this grand lampshade for Mother’s Day celebration.