Babies Born In September- As summer turns to fall, this is one of the most popular months of the year for having babies. Babies born in September get the beauty of summer and the beginning of autumn. These are two of the most gorgeous seasons. It is still warm enough to get outside and do family activities. It is cool enough that it is not too hot to go out. Let’s dive in on these fun facts and stories about babies born in September.

September Birth Month Popularity

September is the most popular month of the year to have a baby. Specifically, September 9th and 19th. Do you know someone with those birthdays? We bet you may know a friend, family member or acquaintance!

Maternity units are packed in September. It is important to get a midwife or doula as early as possible. Speak to the hospital about booking an earlier walk through if that is allowed in your area.

Expect during birth that there may be a little wait to get you into your birthing room. Staff will be attentive and helpful but it may be busy!

Babies Born In September Horoscope

Your baby born in September has a quiet confidence that you will love. As they grow up, they will be able to feel comfortable in most settings. They do well in social situations. However, they recharge mostly by nature. From taking a forest walk to hiking, your September person loves nature the best.

Your September baby is thoughtful. They are always looking to learn new facts. September babies live in the moment. They soak in the accomplishments of themselves and others.

When it comes to change, your September baby is prepared. As summer turns to autumn, your baby is accustomed to big changes. They also see the good side of challenging situations. They wear their hearts on their sleeve. This means they can really absorb their feelings. However, they can also absorb the feelings of others. The September baby is sensitive and has a hard time understanding cruel actions of others. Alternatively, they are overjoyed by kind reactions of others and really take the time to soak in kindness and generosity of good hearted people around them. Kind actions and good thoughts are remembered for a lifetime.

Friends, Family and Love

September people are known for their good memories, they can remember moments very well. It will surprise people how they recollect the good deeds of others or the kind gestures people have done for them that may seem small, but it was big to them.

With their kind heart and love for nature, September babies will eventually fall in love easily. It is important for them to guard their heart. September people must be aware of boundaries with those who can be toxic. They remember that they can stay their sweet selves and still have boundaries.

Babies born in September are special because they love life, appreciate the little things, wear their heart on their sleeves and yet are always ready to accept big changes.

Astrological Sign of Babies Born In September

In the month of September, the astrological sign starts with Virgo. Virgos tend to be put together, organized and can juggle many things on their plate with ease. Virgos are logical, practical and not afraid of change.

Secondly, on the 22nd, we see the Virgo sign change to Libra. Libras are very relaxed, romantic and whimsical. This air sign loves harmony and peace and craves it in their everyday life. They try to do no harm and they try very hard not to cause harm or unhappiness to others. They are laid back and go with the flow.

Birth Stone For Babies Born In September

The September birth stone is beautiful! The September birth stone for babies born in September is the sapphire. Many people love the sapphire because of its interesting qualities. Sapphires are traditionally known to be blue but they an also come in different colors. This special stone is beautiful and admired by all, but it is the September babies official birth stone symbolizing their month of birth.

Flower For Babies Born in September

There are two flowers that represent September babies. The first is the Aster flower. Pale grey blue, this flower does not need to be big to be beautiful. The second flower is the Morning Glory. These flowers come in shades of purple and dark blue and really are striking. They look delicate but both are hearty flowers and flourish in most gardens every year.

Babies Born In September Personality

Babies born in September as children are seen as thoughtful, kind and organized. They really have a strong perception of what other people are feeling. They wear their heart on their sleeve. Babies born in September spend childhood making friends with all different types of personality types and go with the flow. Babies born in September are not picky or loud but enjoy the moment.

When someone is suffering or sad, the September born child really feels that and wants to be beside that person to cheer them up or just to listen.

Parents of September born babies try to teach their children about boundaries. Their carefree and empathetic personality can sometimes attract bullies or people who want to take advantage of their kindness. Parents teach their children positive boundaries.

Parents also find it easy with their September baby. They stay organized and keep their life tidy. They make time for their hobbies and love to learn so school is always of interest for them.

As a September baby grows to an adult, their organizational skills save them hours in the home and at work. They tend to gravitate to careers where they are interacting with people. Social work, teaching, doctor, nurse and more are some of the professions they gravitate to.

September adults need reminding to put positive boundaries up with those who can be toxic. September adults try to juggle a lot and though their organization lets them juggle many different facets, they still need to make sure that someone is checking in and making sure they are doing some “me” time every once in a while.

Babies Born in September Tend To Be:

Here are some personality traits that some babies born in September tend to be like. it does not mean all babies born in September will have these traits but is certainly fun to see what they can be like! Here are some personality traits that Babies Born In September tend to be like personality wise.

Outdoorsy Children

September babies were born in a time of change. Everyone is out getting that last taste of summer and keeping busy with fun parties, outdoorsy memories and delicious BBQs. However, towards the end of the month, many families get warm by taking long forest walks and admiring the trees changing color. Children born in September tend to be outdoorsy. They enjoy playing sports, taking long walks, swimming, hiking and exploring. September born people love being social and including family and friends in their outdoor expeditions.

They Have Fun Birthday Parties

When all of the children have gone back to school, they are getting back into a routine. Some are longing for some summer fun. Luckily, those September birthdays bring a breath of fresh air back to the regular school routine. Birthday parties for September babies and children are a great way to enjoy one of the last outdoors birthday parties of the year. Parents of September children still have the option to hold a party outside. Attendance is usually high because children have just started to go back to school. The winter cold season has not kicked in yet.

September birthdays are some of the best birthdays of the year!

The Are Devoted Friends

September children are usually devoted friends. They never want to see anyone hurt and are least likely to join in on teasing other students. Their laid back personality means they accept people from all walks of life and are interested in the many different personalities that other children have.

When their friend hurts, the September child hurts with them. They want to make things better for that person but are reminded that the best of friends are those who offer a listening ear. September babies keep friends for years.

Parents are mindful to make sure that their September born children are not giving too much to friends and taking away from themselves. Trying to help others in their drama can be they can be neglectful of themselves. Though a September child is usually very organized, they will bend over backwards for friends. As mentioned above, healthy boundaries means that your child will be a great friend while keeping good mental health for themselves.

They Have A lot of Hobbies and Interests

One of the best traits of a September born baby is that they are very organized. Since they are very organized, they can also juggle a lot of hobbies and interests.September born people are generally laid back individuals, they love outdoorsy sports, gardening, swimming, reading and hiking. A lot of of their interests are outdoorsy and sporty but many of them enjoy opening up a good book once in a while as well. With an array of interests, babies born in September have a well rounded nature to them.

The Are Health Conscious

For many parts of the world, September is an ample harvest time. That means the freshest of vegetables and some fruits. Examples include apples are available in September. September babies are used to eating delicious in season fruits and vegetables. Coupled with an exciting and active outdoor lifestyle, these babies are health conscious. They are looking for healthy foods and many different ways to get in good exercise. They may skip the gym for a run or a game of hockey, volleyball or basketball. Babies born in September want to be outside while the weather is still warm. When their day is finished, they want to come home to a delicious supper.

Babies born in September love their exercise and delicious, healthy meals.

Babies Born in September

Children and babies born in September have a wonderful season. September is a season of change. We go from summer to autumn. Children go from their summer vacation to back to school and many adults stop taking holidays and get back to work. The weather changes from warm to cooler and in some parts of the world, the leaves begin to change. September born people can adapt to it all. From their healthy lifestyle to their apt skill set in organization, September born people bring joy to their family, friends and communities.

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