Middle Names For Charlotte

Charlotte is one of the most beautiful names for a baby girl. It is so loved in fact, it has been one of the top ten baby names for girls for years now. People love the name Charlotte and are always looking for the perfect pair for the name. From stylish and trendy to proper and traditional, there are so many names that fit with Charlotte as the first name. We saw the name Charlotte come up in many of our baby combination names for girls as a first or middle name.

The Meaning of the Name Charlotte

This old French name has actually been around for centuries! Meaning small or feminine, this name is the epitome of femininity. It is the female version of ‘Charles’. Many notable people with the name Charlotte include author Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte from Charlotte’s web and Charlotte from The Baby Sitters Club book series as one of the most wonderful children the girl’s got to babysit. Charlotte works as a traditional name but its beginnings make it no secret that it is also considered new and trendy to many.

Nicknames For Charlotte

One reason we love the name Charlotte is that it has so many nicknames! Here are just a few of the many nicknames that Charlotte has:








8.Charley (an alternative spelling)




These are both traditional and contemporary nicknames that you can just hear your friends and family calling your little girl throughout her life.

Choosing A Middle Name For Charlotte

For one of the most beautiful and popular girl names ever, you have to balance it out with an equally beautiful nickname. But where to start? Do you even need  middle name for Charlotte? Some cultures and people do not have middle names. If you would like one, here are some great ways to help you come up with the perfect middle name for your little girl.

Choose a Middle Name After a Notable Family Member

Honor one of your parents by putting their first name as your child’s middle name. Their name will live on another generation and it is a great way to establish a bond and connection with your young daughter and her grandmother. Secondly, you can pick a family member that has since passed and is missed or use a name that you have found by looking through your family tree!

A Perfect Phonetically Sounding Middle Name

A middle name that sounds great rolls off of the tongue of many. A perfect sounding name gets remembered, whether you are meeting someone for the first time or are being considered for that next big career. Set Charlotte up right with a perfect phonetically sounding middle name that suits her.

The Inside Secret

Is there a name that means something to you and your partner, yourself or you and your family? If so, add it as Charlotte’s middle name and know that only those in the know, truly know the reason for this stunning second name for your baby.

Beautiful Middle Names For Charlotte

Charlotte needs no introduction in being a beautiful middle name. What middle names go with Charlotte? Here are beautiful names for Charlotte that you are going to love. We have broken them down so you know the middle name and meaning before you choose on that perfect combination name.

Short Middle Names For Charlotte

Here are some short and sweet middle names for Charlotte. Each name is two syllables or one syllable. Each name has its meaning to help you make this big decision!

1. Ava

Another popular name to add to Charlotte. Ava means “lively.”

2. Eva

This derives from name Eve meaning “living one”. It comes from Hebrew.

3. Eve

Also meaning “living one.” It comes from Hebrew and is also Biblical after Eve who was the first woman created in the Old Testament.

4. Taylor

This trendy name has two syllables. This french name means “cutter of cloth.”

5. Bar

This Israeli name is chic and short and would make a great middle name for Charlotte. It means “one who sings.”

6. Carol

A great December name as associated with Christmas songs.

7. Bella

Meaning beautiful, a perfect name for your little girl.

8. Brooke

A great water name meaning small stream.

9.  Beth

Short for Elizabeth this name means “an oath from God.”

10. Betty

Another name that is short for Elizabeth and means “an oath from God.”

11. Cara

This beautiful girl’s name means loved one.

12. Denise

This name has a French origin and is dedicated to the God of wine.

13. Diana

A name that is beloved because of Princess Diana, Diana means devine.

14. Darla

This name means beloved or “dear one.”

15. Emma

This fulfilling name means “whole.”

16. Ella

This name means “feminine”. If you’re looking for the best girl name consider Ella.

17. Ellie

This bright name means “shining light.”

18. Erica

This regal name means “monarch.”

19. Esther

This mysterious name means to “hide” or “conceal”.

20. Erin

This name is derived from the country “Ireland”.

21. Frida

This beautiful middle name for Charlotte means “peace.”

22. Faith

This middle name idea means “complete trust”.

23. Fern

A plant name for a girl named after the beautiful cascading fern plant.

24. Fae

This name refers to the feminine. Fae means”girl”.

25. Grace

Meaning “simple elegance”, this name can  bealso religious in nature.

26. Jean

Short for Janine, Jean means “God is gracious.”

27. Hattie

Meaning “home ruler”, any daughter would love this name.

28. Hailey

This outdoorsy name means “hay’s meadow”.

29. Holly

This beautiful plant name is perfect for a little girl. Named after the Holly plant that associates with Christmas.


This name means “the noble kind.” This is a strong girl’s middle name.

31. Hazel

This plant girl’s name is named after the strong Hazel nut tree.

32. Hera

This name originates from Greek and is named after the Goddess Juno. It means “protector.”

33. Heba

Meaning a “gift from God”, this name is perfect for your little one.

34. Ines

This name means pure and holy.

35. Ivy

This plant girl name refers to the beautiful vine.

36. Isla

The Scottish version of this name means island.

37. Itzel

This name means the star of the aurora sky. This happens to be one of the most beautiful name meanings we have ever heard!

38. Iva

This name has a religious meaning, “God is gracious.”

39. Jane

This name also means “God is gracious.”

40. Jill

The name Jill refers to the child of the Gods.

41. Jet

This modern name is named after the plane. Its sleek meaning is great for those who want a new and contemporary middle name to match nicely with the traditional name of Charlotte.

42. Jennifer

This name means “one who is very fair.”

43. Anne

This noble name means “favor.”

44.  Dee

This strong girls name means “goddess”.

45. Kendra

This regal girls name means “royal power.”

46. Kathy

This name means “pure”.

47. Kelly

This beautiful name means “bright headed.”

48. Leslie

This plant name means “holly garden.”

49. Leah

In Latin, Leah means “lioness.”

50. Lucy

This bright name means “of the light.”

51. Lindy

This name is beautiful because it means “beautiful.”

52. Linda

This name means “beautiful.”

53. Lacey

This name is after the beautiful and delicate fabric that people adore.

54. Lynne or Lynn

The name Lynne or Lynn is a water name meaning “waterfall.”

55. Bella

This name means beauty!

56. Luna

This name means “of the moon.”

57. Mazie or Masie

This name means pearl.

58. Mauve

This means of the purple color.

59. Mary

This name means “beloved.”

60. Mindy

This name means “love.”

61. Marie

This is the french name for Mary which means beloved.

62. Millie

This regal name means noble.

63. Molly

This water based name means the star in the sea.”

64. Bonnie

This name means “very pretty.”

65. Nina

This name means little girl.

66. Nicole

The name Nicole means “those of victory.”

67. Nan

This French based name means “of grace.”

68. Opal

This precious name is named after the previous white stone.

69. Rita

This Spanish based name means pearl.

70. Rice

This name is after the beautiful staple food that the whole world adores.

71. Ruby

This name is after the beautiful precious red gem that one finds in jewlery.

72. Rachel

The name Rachel is Hebrew for an “ewe”.

73. Riley

This name be very popular at the moment, but it is hundreds of years old. This outdoorsy name means “wood clearing.”

74. Ruth

This beautiful name means “friend.”

75. Rose

This beautiful name is after the stunning flower, the rose.

76. Rosie

Rose and Rosie are both named after the beautiful flower.

77. Rebel

This name means strong one.

78. Regan

This beautiful neutral name means “child of a king.”

79. Stacey

This name means “good harvest.”

80. Soleil

Soleil is a French name meaning sun.

81.  Sophie

This beautiful name means “wise.”

82. Sophia

Like Sophie, Sophia also means wise.

83. Sole

This Italian based name means sun.

84. Silvie

This outdoorsy name means “forest.”

85. Silvia

Like Silvie, Silvia means forest.

86. Sunny

This happy name is a description of the sunshine from the sun.

87. Tara

This beautiful name means star.

88. Tina

Tina means pure.

89. Violet

This outdoorsy name is after the beautiful violet flower.

90. Wendy

This name means “of the blessed ring.”

91. Wanda

Meaning the “wanderer”, this name derives from Polish.

92. Zoey

This beautiful name means life.

93. Zoe

Like Zoey, Zoe means life.

94. Eloise

This name means healthy.

95. Amber

This beautiful name is after the jewel.

96. Ember

Meaning “firey”, this fire girls name represents a red.


Long Middle Names For Charlotte

For a classic name like Charlotte that is so popular, there are many long and elegant middle names that will compliment Charlotte. We have the best long middle names for Charlotte and their meanings to help you decide on which one is best.

1. Anastasia

2. Isabella

3. Rosalina

4. Valentina

5. Allannah

6. Samantha



9. Vivianna

10. Victoria

11. Mallory

12. Millicent

13. Beatrice

14. Eugine

15. Virigina


17. Antwonella






The Name Charlotte

Charlotte is a name that is traditional and has been around for over one hundred years. Similarly, Charlotte’s popularity has grown ten fold in the last twenty years. This traditional name is also trendy. Here are over one hundred examples of how Charlotte can work with both traditional and contemporary names perfectly.

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