Banned Baby Names – Choosing a baby name is so exciting. You get to pick the name that your child may use for the rest of their life. However, each country has regulations and even laws against certain names. Additionally, some names are banned for ethical, political, or societal reasons. Here are twelve banned names with reasons why they were banned from all over the world.

It’s important to note that naming laws and regulations can vary widely by country, region, and even within different states or provinces. The examples provided earlier were specific instances from certain countries, and the reasons for rejecting names can vary based on cultural, legal, or societal norms:. Here are a few more examples from different parts of the world:


This one is interesting. Firstly, Denmark has some interesting reasons for not being on the list, as would many other names in Denmark.

  • Illegal Name: “Monkey”
  • Reason: In Denmark, names must be chosen from a pre-approved list of about 7,000 names. Names that deviate from this list require special permission. “Monkey” was rejected because it falls outside the approved list.


Names are great, as are unique names, but what do you think about characters and symbols? In general, this is a no-no in China.

  • Illegal Name: “@”
  • Reason: In China, symbols and characters that are not included in the Chinese character set are often not allowed. The “@” symbol was rejected for being unconventional.


All in all, Mexico does not want violent names! Here are there reasons for being against this name.

  • Illegal Name: “Rambo”
  • Reason: Mexican authorities have rejected names that they deem offensive or that could lead to bullying. Additionally,”Rambo” was rejected for its association with violence.


Did you know that citizens of Iceland cannot name their children Harriet? A duo UK/Icelandic citizen was denied a passport renewal because of the non Icelandic name.

  • Illegal Name: “Harriet”
  • Reason: Iceland has strict naming laws, and names must adhere to the Icelandic language structure. “Harriet” was rejected. After an appeal and international attention, little Harriet was able to get her passport.


  • Illegal Name: “Gesher” (Bridge)
  • Reason: Norwegian authorities rejected the name “Gesher” because it is not considered a traditional given name.


France can be laid back, but there is one name that they will not approve of!

  • Illegal Name: “Nutella”
  • Reason: In France, parents are prohibited from naming their children names that could be contrary to the child’s interest. “Nutella” was rejected to avoid the child being the target of mockery.

New Zealand:

Should people be able to name their children starting with a number? New Zealand does not think so!

  • Illegal Name: “4Real”
  • Reason: The New Zealand government rejected this name because it began with a number, which goes against the naming rules.


All in all, what about random letters in one baby name? Sweden had to put a stop to that!

  • Illegal Name: “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116”
  • Reason: This seemingly random combination of letters and numbers was rejected by Swedish authorities as a protest against the naming laws.


Overall, keeping children safe is important to Germany. This is one name that was seen as potentially harmful.

  • Illegal Name: “Stompie”
  • Reason: Names that might endanger the child’s well-being or are offensive can be rejected. “Stompie” was rejected because it was seen as potentially harmful.


All in all, do not come up with insults or inappropriate baby names in Malaysia. This name did not get approved.

  • Illegal Name: “Chow Tow” (smelly head)
  • Reason: Malaysian authorities have a list of names that are considered offensive or inappropriate, and parents are not allowed to use them.

Saudi Arabia:

Respecting religion is important to many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Find out why this name is not allowed.

  • Illegal Name: “Abdul-Rasool” (Slave of the Messenger)
  • Reason: Saudi Arabia has strict regulations on names, and names that imply servitude to someone other than Allah are not allowed.


Names with evil intentions are not wanted in Japan.

  • Illegal Name: “Akuma” (Devil)
  • Reason: Names that could be harmful or bring disgrace to the child are prohibited in Japan.

These names are interesting as to why they were banned in each country. Some countries have more strict name policies than others but it is set in place to do no harm to the baby when they are growing up. Lastly, do you agree with each country’s ban?