Bathing, brushing, potty-training — our kids spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and the most amazing fact is that they love spending time in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, we too have to spend the same amount of time in the bathroom along with our children and also cleaning after them. You know how things can get messy with the little ones roaming around. From dirty towels being stacked in the corners to a pile of toilet papers strewn everywhere and hygiene essentials running amuck in every drawer – you name it, and they’ve done it. However, if you get a little bit drafted and keep your kids on the priority list while designing your bathroom, we bet you’d be on the happier side.

Designing a bathroom that is kid-friendly is quite a challenging task altogether. It needs a design that is safe for your kids, fits with their lifestyle and also suits your budget and personal preferences.

The first thing to remember while organizing your bathroom is the safety of your kids. You might need special fittings and floor covering to solve this purpose. With kids running here and there it is essential to make sure that they don’t slip/skid and get hurt with the incompatible fittings. Although, their comfort can’t be compromised. Like spacious bathtubs with matching colorful accessories make it easier for both the kids and parents to make bath time fun.

There are some common problems every parent might face if the bathroom is not well-suited for a child.

Problem 1: Kids will eventually grow up.

Solution: Use replaceable elements without spending a fortune on making it kids-only.

Problem 2: Sharing the bathroom comfortably with multiple kids.

Solution: Create maximum leg-space and keep customized accessories.

Problem 3: Too high counters for the kids to reach out.

Solution: Give them a lift with permanent or temporarily fitted stepping-stools.

Problem 4: With rough kids, things can get messy.

Solution: Always try to select easy-to-clean and durable materials.

Problem 5: Kids need easy access to some items and some needs to be kept away from them.

Solution: Use storage methods with different heights.

Remember these key elements of a kid-friendly bathroom:

– The shower and faucets should be equipped with a device to monitor the water temperature to prevent burns and scalds.

– Always use non-slip mats in the bathroom to prevent nasty falls.

– The shelves should be mounted above counter tops this makes cleaning easy for you.

– The floors and surfaces should be slide resistant

– Bathtub edges and corners of wash basins should be rounded to prevent hurting the children on the move.

– Install the extra draining system in case of a water overflow.

– Always keep it in mind that the bathroom can be an equally dangerous place for the kids like the kitchen. So, be aware of the electrical appliances you use there and don’t leave them alone in the bathroom.

Here are some handy tips that you can use while designing or redecorating your bathroom to make it kid-friendly.

  1. Install safe fittings:

As your child’s skin is much thinner than you, remember to install safe fittings. Choose valves with scalding protection and thermostat bathroom fittings that can only go up to a certain temperature. Make sure the surface of the fittings stays cool. This way you can protect your kids from burns and scald.

  1. Make the floors anti-skid:

Always use small, rough tiles and special anti-slip tiles. These will make a good foundation for the kids in the bathroom as they tend to jump around. This will prevent the unwanted accidents.

  1. Use fittings with gentle finishing:

Avoid using bathrooms fittings that have sharp edges, corners or metal parts. These can hurt your children. Try to choose soft and round shaped ceramic fittings.

  1. Always choose easy to handle equipment:

Before renovating take a look at bathroom from your child’s point of view. Note what they can see and what not. Usually, the bathtubs are made keeping the adults in mind. But, use big handles that your children can easily access. Make sure that the shower doors are easy to open and close. Moreover, walk-in showers that don’t need curtains or doors are ideal for a kid-friendly bathroom. Instead of towel holders, use hooks. Invest in good shower caddy for the accessories.


  1. Try to have plenty of Leg space:

To have a spacious bathroom is a very good choice to make it kid-friendly. This allows you to install big bathtubs that are helpful of handling multiple children. A spacious bathroom also keeps clutter at bay. The bathroom should also be airy with the easily accessible ventilation system.

  1. Wisely maintain the height levels:

Install sturdy stepping stools that can help the children reach the basin easily. Make sure to create accessible storage space. Remember that children are happy to see themselves washing, brushing and combing hair. So, install mirrors with an appropriate height.

  1. Keep away household chemical:

Little children have curious minds. Your bathroom can become a hazardous place for the kids if the household chemicals are kept in easily accessible places. Always store them as high as possible, and it’s best to keep them in locked cupboards.

8.Allocate personal areas for multiple children:

Most children like anything that is specially made for them. Try to involve your kids while planning a design for the bathroom, take ideas from them and use this knowledge to recreate it. You can keep separate drawer, shelf, and basket for each child.

  1. Make bathroom time fun:

Invest in the varied color scheme, fun toys, and accessories and clever furnishings. Using colored tiles are not always a good option to add color to the bathroom. Instead, you can splash color in the bathroom linen and other accessories. Use cartoon decals in bathroom wallpapers.

  1. Use written instruction for Laundry:

It is a good idea to have an instruction board for dumping laundry. Add a laundry bag with written instruction and your kids will drop the dirty clothes straight into the hamper. Also, give them options to hang the wet towels so that they don’t leave them on the floor.

  1. Coordinate with your bathroom laundry:

This will help you keep the bathroom neat and tidy. Regularly wash the dirty towels and bathroom linen so that it won’t smell or unnecessarily fill your bathroom. Install less stuff, so that you have clean less.


  1. Select easy-to-clean surfaces:

Whether it is the floor, walls or the bath ceramic, always choose the one with an easy-to-clean surface. This will cut down your cleaning time. Children can be a real fuss while using the bathroom!

  1. Use child-friendly accessories:

Nobody likes to brush in a dull bathroom. So, do your kids. Try to make it as colorful as possible. Integrate all sorts of exciting accessories to spice the interior of your bathroom. You can experiment with colorful LED light fittings or night lights to create a fun environment.

Finally, whatever tactic you employ, don’t do anything in a rush. Take your time to consider all the aspects that need your attention and plan wisely. Most importantly don’t leave your child alone in the bathroom as playtime at bathroom can lead to accidents.