18 Top Pregnancy Documentaries You Will Love

Pregnancy Documentary – When you or someone you love is pregnant, you want to know everything there is to know about pregnancy. There is so much information out there that it becomes fascinating to learn the facts and stories from experts and parents alike. Pregnancy documentaries are popular with pregnant people and their families and friends. It is great to learn about the stories and facts that give life to humanity! Here are some great pregnancy documentaries that you are going to want to watch. So sit back, relax, put on some comfy clothes and lets snuggle and watch these wonderful documentaries.

Pregnancy Documentaries

Here are the documentaries that shape our pregnancy, share stories about other people from around the world during their pregnancy and give us facts about the amazing journey of pregnancy. Some are gritty and raw while others highlight the fascinating journey of pregnancy and birth. This is the one time in life that bonds us all. We were all once a part of a womb and we all have experienced birth. These documentaries show this bond of humanity and these stories.

The Secret Life of Babies

This movie follows the incredible life of babies from womb to after their births. How does a baby perceive their world and ours? The Secret Life of Babies follows babies until their first two years of life. These two years are the biggest physical changes humans will face during their entire lifespan.

Created in 2005, this movie debunks some of the old misconceptions of fetus’ and babies (did you know just a little over thirty years ago it was believed that fetuses could not hear at all?). It also answers questions about pregnancy, birth and those first two coveted years of life.

Icarus Films two part documentary is a parent’s favorite.


Welcome to the world’s busiest maternity hospital. See how these families enter the hospital as strangers and become fast friends to the staff at this maternity hospital. This is a fascinating way to see both sides of the birthing process.

Can you imagine witnessing the first moment of thousands of babies every single year? To this maternity hospital, it’s just another day on the job. Watch the real and raw story of Motherland.

The Business Of Being Born

Are these common medical practices safe for new Moms? It is up to the viewer to decide in this documentary that questions how we as a society handle the birthing of babies.

In 2008 Abby Epstein puts the American Health Care system under the microscope. Why doesn’t America use midwives more? This documentary examines every angle of the business of being born.

Doulas: A Documentary

This wonderful documentary explores the fascinating world of doulas both inside and outside of the birth room. Let’s celebrate how doulas can make positive changes for families.This is a recommended resource for all birthing professionals and those currently studying to be nurses, doctors and support staff. It is also perfect for expecting families who are curious about doulas.


The Mama Sherpas

Everyone knows Ricki Lake from her acting career and her talk show in the 1990s but did you know that she is making waves in the parenting world? She and director Abby Epstein are executive producers of The Mama Sherpas. Directed by Brigid Maher, The Mama Sherpas follows a topic that many are passionate about. The shift of birth to Caesarean sections. This procedure is life saving for some but for others not so much. Can midwives be the answer to an alternative of the boom of C sections? This documentary explores some of the stories and statistics.

When The Bough Breaks

Did you know that 20% of those who give birth have different levels of experience with  Post Partum Mood  and Anxiety Disorder? Motherhood can be a dream come true, but for other Moms, it can be such a challenging experience. If you feel like this or have felt like this, you are not alone, speak out.

We hear the real and raw side of Motherhood. This documentary examines all sides of the heartfelt and heart aching sides to this challenge.

Pregnancy 101

Though the birth process and child rearing differs from place to place, there is one thing that stays the same, the development during pregnancy. Watch this quick National Geographic documentary and feel at one with the rest of humanity.

The Most Extreme Births

Birth used to be at home or in a hospital and giving birth to their baby. Now more than ever, Mothers are choosing alternative options to make sure they are having their authentic birth experience. Journalist Katie Piper dives into Moms to be and their unusual birth plans and gives each of them a platform to explain their views on giving birth their way.


Life Before Birth In The Womb

This stunning documentary shows your the fetus growing in the womb by trimester. Each moment is a blessing, but each moment the fetus survives. A baby may look innocent, but they have gone so much to make it to their birth, it is incredible to reflect on.  We enjoy the sweet narration of the fetus’ discoveries.


A captivating documentary that highlights the truth about breast feeding women and answers a lot of questions surrounding breast milk. Society is very accustomed to pregnant people but are we as accepting to breast feeding people? This documentary explores the socio cultural aspects which may surprise you!


This award winning documentary is asking some important questions. It shares the latest scientific research on microscopic events that can have big impacts on birth. Did you ever wonder if these microscopic events could have an impact on our child’s life and subsequently future generations? This pregnancy documentary explores all of these facets and so much more.

Pregnancy Documentaries on Netflix

Sometimes it feels great to kick back and binge watch on some pregnancy documentaries. You have nine months to learn all about pregnancy and birth. Get some of your questions answered and learn so many interesting points from these pregnancy documentaries.  What better place to watch than on Netflix? Check out these top pregnancy documentaries on Netflix.

The Beginning of Life

Scientists, advocates and parents from around the globe explore how to tend to children’s needs at the beginning of life can shape them in the future. What separates us? What brings us closer together? How can we make the whole world a lot better if we put focus and investment in the first years of a human beings life.

Here is the trailer to the Beginning of Life:

The Birth Reborn

Both Mothers and professionals from Brazil get candid about Caesarean Sections. This raw and moving documentary talks about a woman’s choice for childbirth. A compelling documentary which is one of the most popular birth documentaries to date. It opens up conversation on questions and dialogue about birth and women’s choice on how to give birth.

The Birth Reborn 2

The Birth Reborn is back with more inspiring parents who believe in choice when it comes to how to birth your baby. Experts argue in support of a person’s right to choose and body autonomy. Part two in The Birth Reborn series.

The Birth Reborn 3

The third documentary in The Birth Reborn series. We get to dive into Sao Paulo’s birth center. This documentary features interviews with mothers, doctors, midwives and activists. We also have a peek in The Netherlands and Cambodia. Do you see some differences or similarities worth noting? The Birth Reborn 3 keeps the entire world in the conversation on how we birth babies, rights and body autonomy.


Can you imagine going to bed in one body and waking up in a bigger one? This is the experience that babies go through. Babies grow in their first two years faster than they will in any other point in their lives. In the documentary Babies, they explore a babies first year of life and a decade of science to inspire you and make you think of what babies are really going through.

Pregnancy Documentaries on YouTube

If you are looking just to chill out and watch Youtube, there are many documentaries to watch (for free, yes, free pregnancy documentaries) that you can pick and choose and enjoy. From thought provoking to touching, these are the best documentaries about pregnancy that are on YouTube.

Babies at 50

In many countries, in the first time in history, babies being born to people over 4o outnumber the number of teen pregnancies. One of those reasons is because of the advancement in fertility treatment and procedures.  This is being seen all over the world. Babies at 50 explores some women over the age of 50 (with the advancement in fertility experts) can now have children. This documentary explores medical advancements, medical ethics and moral ethics of this subject.

Pregnancy Documentaries on the BBC

The BBC is a fantastic corporation for programming and they have some wonderful documentaries that are online. Here are the best pregnancy documentaries that are on the BBC.

Life and Birth

On BBC ONE, Life and Birth  highlights three of Birmingham’s busiest maternity hospitals. Parents, families and staff welcome thousands of babies every year. Follow the stories of families and how the miracle of birth meets cutting edge medicine. This documentary series is fascinating and not to be missed!

Documentaries About Pregnancy

Each of these documentaries about pregnancy are not to be missed. Explore sociological, cultural and medical breakthroughs, questions, concerns, conflicts and resolutions in each of these documentaries. Laugh, cry and most of all be informed by each of these fantastic pregnancy documentaries.