Stay At home Mom Hobbies – Being a stay at home Mom is incredibly fulfilling and extremely busy! From taking care of children to keeping everyone’s schedule to household duties, a stay at home mom will always have something to do to keep busy. There is something to be said about doing something for yourself. Hobbies keep us feeling like ourselves, it helps us stay grounded and accomplish something that we love. We dive in on the many stay at home Mom hobbies that stay at home Moms can have to keep you inspired.

Why Stay At Home Moms Should Have A Hobby

You are so busy as it is! From cleaning to cooking to taking care of children, you do it all. You deal with tantrums, bad grades and volunteer at your child’s school. Maybe you are also a homeschooling stay at home Mom. Whatever it is, you deserve to craft time for yourself to engage in your own hobbies.

You Deserve A Break

Every day, even for a few minutes, there should be some time just for you. This time is for you to come up with your own ideas and focus on what you want to do. For those minutes, you are not just Mom but the person you know is inside. You deserve time to enjoy a hobby that is not cooking or cleaning.

Learning Something New

When you learn something new, you keep your brain active. Trying new things is healthy and interesting. Lastly, you can teach your new hobby to the children, so everyone walks away learning something new.

Gives You Independence

Now you are able to do something as yourself. It is so important to remember you in the process of parenting and do something independent of your role as a stay at home Mom. No matter what you have to do around the house, it is important to take even a few minutes to enjoy a hobby that is for you.

Hobbies for Stay At Home Moms

For many Moms, their children are in school or you may have a newborn baby. You are looking for hobbies that you can do in strict time frames. Sometimes, we don’t have all day to indulge. These hobbies are things you can do in short spurts of time and enjoy for a long time. Here are some fun hobbies that stay at home Moms can enjoy:

Easy Hobbies For Stay At Home Moms

When you’re a Mom on the go, you want hobbies that are either short term, can be left for long periods of time before coming back or hobbies that you pick and choose when you do them. You don’t want to be held down by weekly meet-ups and schedules. These are some hobbies that can leave you more fulfilled.


This is NOT a hobby for children. The complex coloring books for adults are beautiful and fun. It is an inexpensive hobby and you can come back to it at anytime. Many believe it is therapeutic to color. Others love how creative you can get. It is not a big mess, it is inexpensive and you can come back to it anytime. That is what makes this the easiest hobby for a stay at home Mom.


This hobby is great for stay at home Moms. It lets you stay in shape without doing any strenuous exercise. Secondly, it gets you out exploring your neighborhood. You will become more active in the neighborhood knowing what are the new shops, new projects and interesting places around your home. Lastly, walking helps you stay social. There are many families, individuals and people with pets that are always interested to smile or talk. Whether you are in the city or in the countryside, walking keeps you healthy without a hard workout.


Find a project or topic that you are passionate about. Volunteer your time serving that project or community. Be sure to let the organization know how much time you can offer and what your skill set is. If you are looking to meet new people, you want a volunteer position that is going to put you in social situations and talking to the public or other volunteers. If you are looking to gain leadership skills, see if you can be put forth as a leader or under a leader for passion projects. However, if people and going out isn’t on the docket, see what you can do remotely. From social media management to design, there are so many volunteer positions where you can work from home and keep contact to a minimum.

There are so many volunteer positions out there that you can choose to do good for your community.


This is such a relaxing hobby. It is more expensive than coloring as you will have to purchase brushes, canvasses and paints but it can be so soothing and relaxing. You are also creating! Copy a landscape or try to paint your version of a famous painting. Alternatively, you can paint a masterpiece all by yourself with your ideas as inspiration.

For those who are on a budget, you can get some pretty good paints from the Dollar Store and canvasses. You can find brushes there as well. For those who are looking expensive paints, try specialty stores geared to art students and artists. You will find a whole world of inspiration and ideas, not to mention a lot of people to be inspired by.


Crosswords are coming back in a big way! For those who are full of facts and knowledge, doing a crossword is relaxing, something you can put down and start up again at any time and will always teach you something new. Crosswords are downloadable for free, on apps and online. Alternatively, you can get them in any major newspaper. If you go the newspaper route you will alternatively keep up with the latest news as you will be getting the whole newspaper every time! Crosswords speak about any topic but you can buy books that specialize in certain subjects. Test your knowledge and exercise your brain with crosswords.


Swimming is a wonderful workout that is also fun and helps you with your cardio vascular workouts. Whether you are a beginner or a fish in the water, you will love to swim. If you have a pool this can be a great exercise all summer long! For those long winter months, try joining a YMCA or local gym with a pool. Alternatively, universities sometimes sell monthly gym passes to the local public.

Take a swimming class if you are an absolute beginner so you feel comfortable in the water. If you are a very good swimmer, time yourself by doing laps. Call the local public pool to see when

lap swimming is or if it is acceptable at your local pool.

There are also great swimming classes and swimming workout classes for all swimming abilities.


Thanks to social media and Pinterest, crafting has never been more popular! Great ideas are shared quickly and it makes you feel like you can attempt any craft! Buying supplies is easy. Whether you get them from the Dollar Store, online or a specialty shop, you can create anything that you could ever imagine.


If you’re a numbers person or an aspiring numbers person, you are going to love Sudoku. This easy numbers game will make your brain think in a different way. You can finish a puzzle in a few minutes or in a few hours. Put it down and come back to it later. There is a global Sudoku obsession that helps train the brain and also brings a relaxing enjoyment.

Crafting With Cricket

Creating and crafting with your cricket is not only fun, it is a lifestyle! If you are just starting out, watch Youtube videos, Pinterest posts and Facebook groups to help teach and inspire you. These groups are overwhelmingly positive, fun and full of crafty ideas. Make your family some cool personalized mugs or design your friends Baby Shower cards. The possibilities are endless.

3d Printing

Make your own stuff! Even though 3D printers seem expensive, many recreation centers and libraries have 3D printers for FREE. Let your creative juices run wild as you can create what you want! This does not have to be an expensive hobby! Alternatively, you can buy your own 3D printer which can be costly but you will have access to it at anytime you want rather than waiting for others during library hours.


We always encourage everyone to read. Choose a fiction book and get lost in other worlds. Or choose a non fiction book and learn a new subject and learn some incredible facts. Reading exercises your brain, helps you learn and expand your mind.

How to find what to read? After understanding what you like, you can go online for book lists to help you get started. There are so many bookstores to pick up new books or visit your library for a fun, budget friendly option. Librarians are also excellent resources for book recommendations. It is one of their most favorite parts of their job.

Long Term Hobbies For Stay At Home Moms

Some hobbies we want to accomplish, but also have the same hobby for a long period of time. It takes practice and persistence and this is what we want to keep doing for the long term. Here are some of the greatest long term hobbies for stay at home Moms that will change your life.


Jogging is healthy, something you can do with no cost to you and gets you out seeing the world. It can be a lifestyle change, a weight loss adventure or just something to get outside and explore. Jogging clubs are great motivators for building up resistance and meet people with similar interests. Alternatively, jogging alone can be very therapeutic and give you some alone time. Sometimes being around our best friend (ourselves) is important!

Weight Lifting

This is such a fun and healthy activity. By lifting weights, you are training muscles. You will feel great and learn wonderful workouts that will make you feel like a new person. If you really love weight lifting, you can join local competitions. It can be an exhilarating experience that can change your life.


When you create something, there is a feeling of accomplishment that is hard to describe. A lot of people set their sights on woodworking. There are many affordable classes offered at recreation centers. You can learn to use their equipment and get excellent ideas for potential projects. Alternatively, you can invest in the tools you need for word working. This is a lifetime hobby that you will just love once you begin!


Paddleboarding is a wonderful workout, a great way to get out on the water and something you can do for the rest of your life. It will change your life, is a great exercise and you will meet some excellent people. If you live near a body of water and are willing to make a small investment in a paddle board and paddle, you will have some incredible adventures ahead of you.


If you love to write and have a subject that you are passionate about, you should try blogging. There is always room for a new voice in any community. The start up fees can be very low and blogging could become a great way to connect with like minded people. Alternatively, if your blog becomes successful, you have the option of starting


If you love to chat and have a subject you are passionate about or just want to share your life with others, consider vlogging! Talking about issues, challenges and experiences can really help you connect with your audience. As long as you are staying safe online, this can be a fun an exciting journey. Putting your opinion out there to a group of people can be scary, but you can also find those who are like minded looking to share in your wisdom.


This is a fun one! Speaking on a topic that you love means you can talk for hours and you can with your own podcast! Others who are interested in your topic can tune in every week or binge listen when they are free. Podcasts are a great way to speak about topics that are passionate to you and have an audience of like minded people. You can also invite experts to be interviewed on that topic!

Podcasts can be just for you and for fun to share with your friends or a public podcast so you can meet and have listeners passionate about what you are talking about. If successful, it can become a great business venture!


This can be an annual hobby where in the spring, summer and autumn you are tending to your garden and in the winter time you are planning for next year. Gardening can feed your family, give you flowers that make your property pop and bring such a joy from cultivating the Earth. It can be calming and there is a world of information to learn.

If you pick plants that are indigenous to your area, this can be helpful to the environment and the bees. Gardening clubs are full of people of all ages. Alternatively, you can meet a lot of people online with great information.

Book Club

A book club has all sorts of benefits if you choose this as a hobby. Firstly, you can choose to join an online book club or go to one in person. Secondly, it will keep you reading which is a great way to stay informed, expand the mind and relax. Lastly, hearing the thoughts and opinions of others either helps you expand your mind or affirm your own opinions. Book clubs help meet new people, make new friends and you will probably get a lot more book recommendations from your peers.

This is a hobby that is relaxing but you can learn so much.

The Best Stay At Home Mom Hobbies

A stay at home Mom deserves some time to herself. Pursuing a hobby is a great way to enjoy yourself and learn something news. These are the best stay at home Mom hobbies that are both fun and inexpensive so you can do a little something for yourself but not break the bank.