We asked our readers to name some of their favorite funny parenting blogs and here is what they came up with. We have to agree, these blogs are great!



The Sparkly Life



Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig is not onlya Mom and the beauty director at Brides magazine, but also owns The Sparkly Life, a fun and stylish website dedicated to tips, trends and product reviews. For the fashionista Mom, this website is different from the rest because Alyssa writes with wit, humor with a splash of sophistication. This is a great site to relax, have a glass of wine and get tips while being entertained. Whether it is about Decorating Related Performance Anxiety to those Snow Days That Feel Like Prison, you can sit back, relax, have a laugh and learn a thing or two about decorating, style and juggling it all.


Dad and Buried



This Brooklynite has a hilarious, no nonsense blog about Fatherhood… and surviving it. His raw, honest approach is why he is so popular. This Dad blogger will say what others will not and puts it in a hilarious perspective. We like the Why Don’t Dad’s Read About Parenting? article! It’s a great perspective about Dads.  Anti Parent Parenting was one of the most honest dad articles we have read. Even though each article is full of humor and the not so occasional swear word, it is HONEST and WITTY. You definitely walk away from each article with an interesting opinion, that can entertain you through those sleepless nights. Definitely a great blog for 2015.


Ask Your Dad Blog




This blog has been “pretending” to know the answer to parenting since 2010! This fun and informative blog follows the fun and folly of fatherhood starring Duchess and Captain, the two little munchkins who made this whole site possible. This blog has a collection of relatable and funny comics,  some great questions that many people are asking, like the post about Dad, Am I Pretty? and Five Dollar Fridays, dedicated to charitable work. Ask Your Dad Blog is funny, smart and gets you thinking. You will understand why this blog is one of our 2015 faves.