When a new baby is coming, parents look to find the best products that will help their new child. What is the best potty? Where can I get a safe snack container that my child will love? Ubbi has fantastic products for new parents and parents to be. Here are our 3 must have baby shower items from Ubbi.


Tweat Snack Container


This snack container fits perfectly in your small child’s hand, providing your little one with dexterity skills. This bird shaped Ubbi “Tweat” stores and seals your child’s favorite snacks. This cleverly designed container has an lid that stays attached when open and the weighted base leans and wobbles to prevent your child from tipping the container over. Your child keeps all of his or her snack and Mom or Dad does not have to have a clean up on their hands! Its practical, soft and large enough for your child to access the snack. Tweat Snack Containers come in various colors/colours!

We love the rubber seal that keeps all of the contents fresh and the anti wobbling feature has saved our household from a lot of messes.

Most of all, the Tweat snack containers are BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Parents can rest at ease that their children are putting their precious snacks in a safe, durable product! We recommend you buy more than one as your child will have many snacks and these wonderful products come in various fun colors/colours.


Ubbi Diaper Pail


When a child has disposable diapers, parents want to look for a strong diaper pail that does not leak, keeps the odor in and is cost efficient. Ubbi has solved parents problems by creating the Ubbi Diaper/Nappy Pail! Made of steel, this diaper pail does not stink and requires no special bag to buy and constantly refill. It has a child safety lock that keeps odors in and your little children out from exploring. This diaper pail has won numerous awards. The rubber seals prevent leaks and keeps odors locked in. We found Ubbi simple to load diapers and use. We were grateful that it is easy to load, use, empty and clean it out. It makes life easier for parents!



Ubbi 3-in-1 Potty


Potty training is such an important time in your child’s life and parents look for the perfect potty to train their little one to do their business. Ubbi has the fantastic 3-in-1 potty. This potty is actually 3 products in one! It is a potty, a toilet trainer and a step stool, following your toddler in every stage of mastering the toilet.

The potty itself has integrated, easy to grab handles so parents can take the potty where it needs to be. With a toddler on the go, its good to have a durable and portable potty to follow them.

We liked the built in splash guard and the deep inner bowl which we found to be very easy to clean and remove. The potty is comfortable for your child, which keeps your tot at ease while learning this new and sometimes stressful skill. The toilet trainer easily fits your toilet bowl as your child graduates to the toilet. it is stable and secure with a non-skid edge that keeps your child safely in place while he or she uses the toilet. The potty itself converts into a step stool where your child can use this step to sit on the potty. The step stool does not slide and transitions easily. It is a practical use for your child who wants to go on the potty, but needs that extra step.

The Ubbi The 3-in-1 Potty comes in various contemporary colors/colours so you can customize your toddler’s potty!

Parents do not need to worry about finding the perfect products anymore! Whether you are a parent who is looking for innovative, safe products for your child or you are a friend or family member trying to get the perfect, practical baby shower gift, the only place to look is Ubbi! Click here for more of Ubbi’s fantastic products!