Disney has been around for a few decades now, and that means that most people have quite a few Disney related memories. Disney has simply become a part of life that most people notice without thinking much of it. With their golden era in the 90’s (where almost every year Disney’s movies were nominated for the academy awards), the Disney Universe is present almost on every show that can call itself entertainment. It’s time to enjoy Disney like never before!

And while that is natural, it is also a little bit sad. What happened to the magic of Disney over the years? Has it all faded away, or have we just become oblivious to it?

The fact is that as we get used to seeing something all the time, it becomes less exciting. But there are some fun ways that you can enjoy Disney like you never have before – here’s four of them!

#1: Go On An Adult Adventure

Disneyland, Disney World, and every other Disney inspired amusement park out there might be largely marketed as a place for children and families, but any adult can have a great time there as well!

Get together with some friends and plan a trip to one of these parks. Not only will the excitement of planning it be fun and build up some new interest in the world of Disney, but the trip itself will also be something you never forget.

From rides to foods to interactions with characters, there are plenty of ways to drum up a new excitement for Disney at their parks!

#2: Decorate Your Home With Your Favourite Memorabilia

While a trip to Disney would be very exciting, it might not be possible for everyone to go on this kind of adventure.

But don’t worry – you can bring the magic home! If you’re not able to go to Disney, you can set up your own world of Disney at home.

One fun, creative way to do this is to invest in some of the intricately designed Disney figurines from The World of Miss Mindy Disney Collection, and display them somewhere you can get some joy out of them each day.

The vivid details and expression of these figures will bring the life of Disney into your home in an explosion of color.

#3: Have A Movie Marathon

Another way to enjoy Disney like its new is to have a marathon of your favorite Disney movies. Maybe you loved 101 Dalmatians growing up, but you haven’t seen it in years.

Gather up all of the movies that you haven’t seen in a long time, invite over a few friends, and get to work watching them!

If you want to really get excited, you can also prepare some Disney-themed snacks to go with your marathon. Choosing which movies and snacks to make will re-excite your love of Disney.

#4: See The Musicals

Still can’t quench your need to feel some Disney excitement? Try seeing one of the stage versions of Disney hits! Whether you rent the DVDs or go see them live, you’ll find that this brings a new life back into the stories you love so much.