4 Necessities That Will Turn Your Home into an Enjoyable Family Oasis

With your family’s busy daily schedule, once you get home, you all want to spend comfortable and relaxing time together, bonding as a family. This is why your interior design is very important. You want the way you decorate your home to enable healthy interaction among your family members. And if you feel your home is missing that piece of the puzzle, go through these tips to adjust it to your needs.

Bedrooms that serve their purpose

Your home should be your sanctuary and a very important part of that are the bedrooms. First of all, you need to furnish them well, starting with the bed. Sleeping well is an essential aspect of your health, and especially your kids’, so investing in beds with quality mattresses and pillows that provide good neck support should be your priority. Second, although the one-big-happy-family concept sounds swell, at some point each of you will need some alone time. So, consider placing the master bedroom on one side of your living room and kitchen, and the kids’ bedrooms on the other, to maintain enough privacy and space between you. Third, your bedroom should be decorated just the way you like it, the walls painted in a color that calms you down, the artwork pleasant to look at and the style of the furniture reflecting your personality. The same applies to your kids, so ask for their opinion when decorating their room. It’s important that you all feel happy and serene in your home and this is one way to achieve that.

A cozy living room

Good furniture and plenty of seating space is something a living room should always have. So, make sure your sofa is big enough for your whole family to sit on it at the same time. In case it isn’t, throw in some lazy bags, a nice armchair or an ottoman, so that everybody has a place to rest. For extra comfort and to add some color to your living-room décor, get several big cushions and, perhaps more importantly, a few throws. Throws are a smart solution for people with kids, since the little people aren’t really famous for keeping their sticky fingers off your perfectly clean upholstery. So, a throw could save you, as you can simply wash it in your washing machine when dirty. Finally, having enough storage space for all the toys, board games, coloring books and pencils is the only way to keep your living room tidy and uncluttered, so get some decorative boxes and baskets to put everything away at the end of the day.

Plenty of light

If your home is dark and gloomy, there’s a high chance everybody will feel that way when inside it. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your home appear brighter. Light grays, eggshell, beige, light mauve and pastel shades on your walls will make your home look brighter and even more spacious. Also, natural light boosts your mood and your confidence, so remove the blinds and drapes from your windows during the day and choose an airy and light fabric for your window curtains. Furthermore, install several lighting fixtures around your rooms. Mind you, this isn’t something you should do on your own. For example, only licensed electrical contractors are allowed to install lights in Australia, since they have to assume full responsibility for their work. This means that finding a good electrician in Sydney is crucial for them, as it should be for you, just to stay on the safe side. Once you find one, have them install a central lighting fixture on your ceiling and several others on your walls. Finally, a nice lamp or two will have a decorative purpose, but also add some more light to the room.

An open-plan kitchen

Connecting your kitchen with your living room and your dining room can provide you with extra time with your children. As they probably spend a lot of time playing, doing homework or even watching TV in the living room, while you spend a great portion of your time preparing meals in the kitchen, merging these two rooms would be a great idea. You’d be able to see your children and talk to them while each of you performs their own activities. It means that you can also control your children more easily, making sure they don’t play games when they’re supposed to do their homework, or that they don’t watch too much television. A kitchen island instead of a wall would be a good solution, giving your kids the opportunity to actually sit next to you and draw or play cards on the island as you cook. And if tearing down walls and getting new kitchen elements is too big of an investment for you, you can simply create a pass-through window between the rooms for a similar effect.

You want to turn your home into a safe haven for you and your family? Follow these tips and you’ll all be happy and snug in your home in no time.