4 Signs That Your Child Might Need Glasses

It isn’t always easy to tell when a kid needs glasses. If you think your child might have vision issues, schedule an eye exam. An optometrist will be able to diagnose early vision issues and find solutions before real problems arise. Children who exhibit the following symptoms may need glasses or other treatment.

Excessive Squinting and Eye Rubbing

Everyone squints to try and correct their vision. Children may not realize this is why they are squinting, but they can still pick up the habit. If you see them squinting at menus or attempting to read with only one eye, they could be having a hard time focusing their eyes.

Another common symptom of poor vision is constant eye rubbing. Attempts to overcorrect your vision will usually result in eye fatigue; kids may rub their eyes to relieve muscle tension. In general, look for any unusual movement or behaviors that center around the eye area.

Difficulty Reading and Studying

If your child is having a hard time with their studies, you should take them to an eye doctor. They might be a slow learner, but they could also be experiencing vision problems.

Among young children, this might manifest as difficulty learning to read and write or even trouble to learn to tell time. Older children might have trouble focusing in class or completing their homework.

A kid who needs glasses will not be able to explain why they can’t read; they may have never experienced clear vision before. A trip to the eye doctor should be your first response to low grades, especially if the child has never had an eye exam.

Holding Screens Close to Their Face

Your kid should be able to hold a phone, tablet, or handheld gaming console at a comfortable distance from their face. They should also be able to watch television or use the computer at a normal distance.

If your child starts holding screens up by their face, it could mean that they’re having a hard time seeing. An eye exam and a quick discussion about the effects of eyestrain might be in order.

Complaining About Headaches and Pain

Some children do not notice that they have vision issues and attempt to use their eyes normally. This can cause eye fatigue, headaches, and muscle pain in the area around their eyes.

If your kid frequently complains about headaches or eye pain, it could also be a sign of more serious eye issues. An eye doctor will be able to diagnose the problem or point you in the direction of a specialist.

Even if your kids don’t show any of the symptoms on this list, take them for an eye exam when they first start school and several times throughout their childhood. Undiagnosed vision problems can get worse with time. A quick checkup is enough to make sure that your child can read and interact with the world around them.