Moms have done some incredible things over the years. We are now making a choice instead of being told what to do when it comes to working or staying at home, we have a voice and we have options. In the course of this quest, men are realizing that their roles do not have to be so defined either. However, Dads are scrutinized for going against the norm and frankly, it’s time to call it out. Here are 4 things that Dads cannot do.


Dad, you are many things, but you are never the babysitter of your children. You are awesome and an equal player in your child’s development. We love strong Dads who are actively involved in the raising and care in their children’s life. From having tea parties, to fixing scraped knees, you do it with class Dad. Never let anyone say you’re babysitting. You’re the Dad.


A real man is brace, a real man can be scared, a real man can cry if he wants to. A real man may have anxiety, depression and does not have to ‘snap out of it.’ A real man has a voice.

Emotions happen to men. It’s normal. It’s okay. It makes you strong to be yourself and it is your right to have feelings and emotions. Dad chooses how he wants to feel. Not society.


Yes, if you have an interest in planning your daughter’s second birthday, go for it! If you are the carpool king, rock on! If you work all day and give your children baths, good for you. You are not helping, you are DAD! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


If you a stay at home Dad, keep up the great work. There is no such thing as women’s work and men’s work. You can fix a tire or make a fantastic dinner, find the flow that you family needs and go for it! If you work and you have a wife that stays at home, that is great. If you have a wife who works and you stay at home, that’s great.

So many families also come in many shapes and sizes. Base your chores and roles on what talents, time allotment and how it best helps your family, not based on traditional gender stereotypes.

Your children deserve YOU. The best of you. Whether that is a father who is at work, providing or a stay at home Dad, providing,  whatever the choice, let you and your family define what a family is and what your role is in the family. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you how do “Dad”.