From the moment a baby is born, there are a lot of changes that a new parent has to make that changes their lives forever. In all your activities, be it traveling, sleeping, eating and all other things, the baby has to be considered. All of a sudden the designer handbag has to be stored away and instead a diaper bag will accompany the mother everywhere.  But the diaper bag can still be cute and stylish!  A bag says a lot about a woman and the best way to get the right bag, is choosing the right diaper bag that will fit your personal needs and those of the baby. Below are some of the major considerations that you need to make when settling for the right fit backpack diaper bag.

What are the features of the diaper bag?

When looking for a good backpack diaper bag, it is important to ensure that you look at the features of the bag and ensure that they fit your needs. For most backpack diaper bags, they offer extra features such as a diaper change pad, wipes pocket, bottle pockets, extra straps, etc.

Think about which features you will find necessary and which you could go without. For us, insulated bottle pockets was a must!  We also prefer backpacks that can zip open all the way so that we can find our baby items quickly!

Consider the size of the backpack

In the search for a good diaper bag, the first consideration you will have is the size of the bag. You need a bag that will fit all your accessories that may be needed for your trip, but yet one that isn’t too bulky and heavy. A good diaper bag should ensure that you do not need to carry another bag to contain all your needs.  See if you can find a bag that is large enough to hold both baby’s stuff as well as your own personal items as well.

Think about the material requirements of your bag

Some bags are pretty but are impractical as they get dirty quickly and they are hard to clean. Ensure that you get a bag that has a material that will be easy to clean (preferably even go in the washing machine).

Comfort of the bag

You will most likely have to carry the bag on your shoulders often and sometimes for a long duration.  You need to make sure that the diaper bag is comfortable to carry around.  Have a look at the straps, do they have to pay?  Are they adjustable?  Does the bag come with stroller straps so you can give your shoulders and back a rest?  We prefer backpack diaper bags over messenger style bags as they are so much more comfy to carry around.

It is important to purchase a bag that is not only cute but also functional and practical.  Think about what your routine looks like and try to find a bag that fits your style.  For example, if you love being away from home, it will be important to get a bag that is large enough for enough diapers & baby supplies.  However, if you only pop out for short trips, you can easily get away with a smaller bag.  Don’t just purchase a bag because it is pretty, think it through properly to prevent frustration and disappointment.