Valentines Days with our loved ones sure has changed since we have had kids! Those once candlelight dinners are now excited children running around the kitchen. If you and your hubby find yourselves home for Valentines Day, here are some ideas to get the children involved and keeping you in the spirit!

1. Get your children involved in making a dessert- There are many easy recipes that are fun for you and your kids to follow. Nothing complicated. Keep an easy recipe like brownies or cookies. Have your children decorate their own or exchange with another family member. Kids will love the fact that they are helping out and they get a lovely Valentines treat! You get a yummy dessert that you and your hubby can enjoy!

2. Valentine’s Day Crafts- There are many adorable ideas that your children can create with simple instructions! Whether it is an adorable, creative card for your hubby or cute pink and red gifts for each other, your children can make it all! Click here to check out some great crafts that we found on pinterest. Most of these items you have around your own home!

3. Have an at Home Movie Night! -Pop some popcorn (use coconut oil instead of butter when frying those popcorn kernels for a more delicious taste) and get some cute romantic comedies for you and your children to watch! Even if its Valentine’s Day cartoons your children can munch on some treats and have a good movie in. Combine this idea with number #1 in order to have a perfect night!

4. Go to The Movies as A Family- If you have some extra cash and your children are a little older, why not go to the movies and see a flick while having a night out? Splurge on a dinner too before! The children can stay out a little later and go home completely tired. You get a nice sleep and your children have a great time. What could be better then that?