Boy Names That Start With Ken

Congratulations, you are having a baby! Sometimes we know what root words we want in a name, but not the name itself! Finding boy names that start with Ken has never been this easy. We have the top boy names that start with Ken. From traditional to unique, we have you covered.  We will have the names, meanings and origins to help you pick that perfect boy name.

What Does Ken Mean?

Ken is an interesting name because it is a nickname, a short form name and also a name that stands on its own. Ken means range of wisdom. This is a great strong boys name.

Traditional Boy Names That Start With Ken

If you are looking for a boy’s name with the name Ken in it that is traditional. We have you covered. We have these traditional boy names with the name ‘Ken’ in them. Included in this fabulous lists are these name’s origins, meanings and more.

1. Kenan

This name means ‘to take possession of”.

2. Kenneth

This Scottish name means ‘handsome.’

3. Kendrick

This Welsh name means “the greatest champion.”

4. Kenzo

Originating from Japan, this name means healthy and strong.

5. Kenny

Deriving from Kenneth, this name is also a stand along name. Kenny means handsome.

6. Kendall

Kendall is a gender neutral name. This name means royal family and is from an English background.

7. Kent

If you are looking for a outdoorsy water based name, consider Kent. It means ‘coastal land’ and it derives from English.

8. Kennedy

This Irish name means “chief.”

9. Kenji

This Japanese name means “intelligent second son.” This is a great name for your second little boy.


Unique boy names that start with Ken

A unique name is a name that you do not hear too often. It can also be a name that has been created recently. Both are names that are not used widely. Here are some unique boy names that start with Ken and their origins and meanings.

ken names

10. Kennen

This Hebrew based name means “to know”.

11. Kenner

Derived from Kennen, this name also means “to know.”

12. Kennard

Meaning a “brave guard.” This is a strong boys name that starts with ‘Ken.’

13. Kennar

An alternative spelling to Kennar meaning “to know.” It derives from the Hebrew word.

14. Kentrell

This English boys name means a “royal chiefton.”

15. Kentral

An alternative spelling to Kentrell that comes from English. It means “royal chiefton.”

16. Kento

This Japanese based name means “happiness”.

17. Keno

Meaning “bold”, this name derives from German.

18. Kenter

Named after a German automobile from the 1920s, this name is interesting and unique.

19. Kend

A name that is also the name of a USA airforce base. This would make the ultimate strong boys name.

20. Kenjee

This name means strong. It is an alternative spelling to Kenji.

21. Kenry

This name is of English origin. It means “interesting.”

22. Killard

This name means “the church on the hill.”

23. Kennay

This Irish name means “born of fire.”

24. Kenley

This gender neutral name means “royal meadow.”

25. Kender

Based on old Turkish, this name means “hemp.”

26. Kenster

This name is more recent and we see it in the United States, Nigeria and the Philippines. Its meaning is “to seek truth and wisdom.”

27. Kendrew

This Scottish name means to be brave.

28. Kenkah

From the Japanese name Kenka, which means an argument.

29. Kenka

Japanese for “argument.”

30. Kennie

This British origin name means one who is “handsome.”

31. Kenley

This English name means “a royal meadow.”

32. Kenton

From Kent in The UK, this name means “the royal chiefton.”

33. Kenten

Another spelling for Kenton, meaning royal chiefton.

34. Kentez

A name in America that takes a spin from Kenton.

35. Kentaz

Another name from the United States that is a spin off of Kenton meaning “royal chiefton.”

36. Kens

Taking the name ‘Ken’ and add an ‘s’ gives a neat edge to a unique name.

37. Kendrix

Welsh name that means “the greatest champion.”

38. Kendy

This gender neutral name means “the child who is very loved.”

39. Kenpt

This unique boy’s name has a very interesting spelling. This name is very rare.

40. Kentrell

This name means royal chiefton and comes from the English language.

41. Kentral

Like Kentrell, this name also means royal chieftan.

42. Kennah

Kennah means the greatest champion.

43. Kennard

This is a Gaelic based name that means a “brave chieftan.”

44. Kenlee

This name is another name for “The King’s meadow.”

These are the best boy names that start with Ken. Now that you have been inspired by the perfect first name, you can start thinking of some great nicknames for your little boy.

Famous People Named Ken

Ken is such a great boy’s name that many notable people have the name.

Ken Doll– The most famous boy doll in the world is named Ken! Mattel created Barbie, named after the creator’s daughter. She decided to make a boy version and named him Ken, after her son. Ken is a beloved Doll who is always up for Barbie’s adventures.

Ken Jeong– This incredible actor set the tone with the show Community  and then with the smash hit The Hangover. He is not only a successful actor but a doctor as well!
Ken Jenkins– This actor is a triple threat! He is successful in theatre, film and television.
Ken Stott– A famous actor who appeared in The Hobbit trilogy as well as many other films.
Kenny Rogers– Is an award winning actor, singer and song writer. He was loved by millions.
Kenny G– This saxophonist is one of the most famous in Hollywood. He has created so many timeless soundtracks and is an incredible musician.