Nicknames For Lauren

Lauren is a beautiful name and about twenty years ago, it was a very popular name to give to your baby girl. Lauren is an easy to say two syllabled name that has a neat origin and meaning. Nicknames for Lauren are so cute and will stay with your child for their entire life. Here are some facts about the name Lauren, nicknames for Lauren that work and some famous people with the name Lauren.

What Does Lauren Mean?

Lauren is a name with a French origin. Meaning “wisdom”, this smart girls name is a favorite amongst families. It is also derived from the laurel plant. It is a small but hearty evergreen tree and is said to have healing properties. Lauren’s meaning makes for a strong girl name. Since the year 2000, we have seen the popularity of the name Lauren take a steady decline. It is now in the top 300 names.

What Is A Nickname?

A nickname is a cute, short or funny term of endearment for your child. It can be a short form of their name like Joe short form for Joseph. A nickname can also be a play on words, such as “Edwords” for someone named Edward who loves to write. Similarly, a nickname can describe someone’s interests, families interests or little quirks about that person.

Nicknames should always be meant as kind and cute gestures to that person. A nickname can last for a few years or an entire lifetime. We see Queen Elizabeth have the nickname, “Lilibet”. Given by the Queen Mother to a toddler Elizabeth because she could not pronounce her name properly, the nickname continued to stick with her through out her life. When Queen Elizabeth was married to Prince Philip, he adopted her nickname and called her Lilibet for his entire life. This is not only an example of a family nickname of endearment, but also how other people can adapt your nickname for later parts of your life.

What Makes A Great Nickname?

A great nickname comes from short forms of the original name. For example, Lauren’s short form is Wren. It can also come from a play on the name like Laurentians, after the Laurentian mountains. You can also give your child a nickname based on what they love, like if they have a hobby playing basketball, one would call them “hoops”. Nicknames are always meant to be kind and cute, but never mean spirited. Nicknames can last for a few months or last for the rest of your child’s life.

Adorable Nicknames For Lauren

Lauren is an older, more traditional name and now has a lot of great nicknames that you are going to love.


This is so cute! Wren is a great short form for Lauren. Wren is a small and sweet song bird. It is not only a nickname but a term of endearment. Wren is a great Lauren nickname.


A quick and breezy nickname that rolls off of the tongue.


A cute and easy to say nickname that can work from childhood well into adulthood.


This is an adorable nickname that you can use for the rest of your child’s life. It can also have a number of alternative spellings including:









A shorter version of Wren that brings a fun and easy one syllabled spelling.


A fun play on Lauren that is easy to remember.

Ri Ri

A double syllabled version of this cute name.


A short and sweet way to say Lauren! Alternative spelling could be “Lo”.


Everything sounds adorable when you add an “s” at the end!

Cute Nicknames For Lauren

Everyone loves cute nicknames. These cute nicknames for Lauren are going to make you say “awww”. Lauren is such a traditional name, these nicknames will make you get excited of all the adorable nicknames you can call baby Lauren.


This nickname is cute and rolls off the tongue.

Laurie Pop

Like a lolly pop, your Laurie Pop is sweet and fun!

Ren Ren

For the adorable Lauren that wants a simple and adorable nickname.

Lau Lau

A repetitive cute nickname that is easy to say. This nickname can last a lifetime.


A cute and loveable nickname that Lauren will love.


The name Rinny is easy to say and super cute.


This name is spiritual and sweet for the old soul child.


A Disney spin on a nickname for Lauren. Shout out to Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.


A cute and sassy nickname for the cute and sassy girl.

Short Nicknames For Lauren

These short and sweet nicknames for Lauren are quick and easy to say. Most of all, they are adorable!








Funny Nicknames For Lauren

We love funny nicknames! They are meant as a loving term of endearment. Funny nicknames for a traditional name can lighten it up. It also helps people remember your child fondly. Here are some great funny nicknames for Lauren that you are going to love. Remember, nicknames are always supposed to be kind and adorable.


This funny nickname is a play on the word “orange.” This adorable nickname can be an inside joke within the family.


Like oyster, it is a cute and funny nickname, especially if you like the seaside.


A great nickname that is something that people are going to remember.


Is Lauren having a bad day? She can go lonster on you! Like monster but even cuter.


Pronouncing each letter, your little LOL is full of laughs. Why do we know so many Lauren’s with this nickname? In some places, this is a thing.

Lorden Ramsy

For the family that likes to cook, encourage your little Lauren to be a future Chef with this adorable nickname.


This funny nickname sounds like a baby trying to pronounce the beautiful name Lauren. This is cute especially if your little Lauren has any younger siblings. These cute nicknames are usually remembered well into adulthood.

Loralei Gilmore

For the Gilmore Girls fan, this popular name from one of the character’s names would make the perfect nickname for your daughter.

Rory Gilmore

Most Gilmore Girls fans know that Rori was named after her mother and this was her nickname. We love the nickname Rory!


This name is for the outdoorsy family. This is named after the Laurentian Mountains.

Lonnie Anderson

For the beautiful sassy girl, named after the actress.

Famous People named Lauren

Sometimes a great nickname is giving your little one a nickname after a celebrity with the same name. Here are some celebrities and notable people with the name Lauren.

Lauren Graham

This actress was the star of Gilmore Girls, a beloved series that stole the hearts of millions. This mother/daughter duo navigated life together as Mom parented her daughter (mostly) solo. They were witty, well read and full of drama. Love wins in the end.

Lauren Conrad

This celebrity made waves with the reality show The Hills and then became a series business woman. She is loved by many and many Hills fans would recognize the stylish and leader like qualities of this Lauren.

Nicknames for Lauren

These nicknames for Lauren are cute, funny and adorable. We know your creative juices are flowing! Enjoy choosing the perfect nickname for your little one.

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