Building time in a busy schedule to spend with your young children can be difficult, but it’s important. This time gives you a chance to build a bond and form memories with your little ones that will last forever. Children who have a strong and positive relationship with their fathers are scientifically proven to do better in school, get into less trouble, and so it’s also a step you can take now to ensure that your kids make good choices and stay close to you even as they grow up and move away.

Riding Bikes and Scooters

Not only does getting outside to ride give your kids a physical outlet that helps them stay healthy and fit, but you can bond over your love of favourite trails and things to see along the way. Maybe you’ll find a favourite route in a local park where you can stop off for a ball game or snack. Always a word of warning though –the best scooters for kids and bikes are those that are checked for safety and that are the right size for your little one. And of course, you should all always wear a helmet every time you ride. It is also a good idea to carry a small first aid kit and a bottle of water or drinks.

Another great idea is to make an obstacle course or give your child a challenge on his bike or scooter. Maybe you can even race each other around the block. This is a fun way to cement your relationship, but also enables you to burn calories and fit in some exercise at the same time.


Reading Books

There’s a whole world out there and you can discover it together with your children. You can learn about other places, animals, and people and enjoy fantasy, historical, and just plain fun stories at the same time. Reading with your children also builds their vocabulary and sets them up for success down the road. Plus, it’s relaxing and provides you with a built-in opportunity to rest together at the end of a long day. It’s something you’ll both look forward to.

Children under 10 have a fabulous range of great books to enjoy, whether you buy them or check them out at the library. Children of all ages enjoy resting and listening to a story. Another great idea is to check out books on CD at the library and kick back and enjoy hearing them together.


Go On “Dates”


Kids love doing something new and different so going on dates with them is a fantastic way to build some zen into your day. Doing something you love is a good way to relax and make some good times together. Ideas include trying a new restaurant, doing to a new park, seeing a movie, or attending a festival or show. You might even find that you enjoy a trip to the library or going to the store for a snack. Whatever it is, it’s important to set aside some one-on-one time for each other.

You can do this on the weekend or you can set aside a day each school year to play hooky and go do something fun, such as hiking, shopping, having a movie marathon, or seeing visiting some kind of tourist attraction such as a museum or theme park. There’s something really memorable and bonding about skipping your normal obligations in favour of something fun.


Set Goals Together

It’s rewarding to reach a goal together and working toward it gives you something to do together. Perhaps your goal is to read a book series, complete a craft project, or finish a large puzzle.

No matter what your goal happens to be, it’s beneficial to you both to learn how to create a plan and take the steps necessary to reach it together. You’ll both be having some fun along the way too, which is a wonderful way to spend your downtime and get into a zen frame of mind at the same time. Write your goals down and post them were they can see all the time.



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Even kids who are older enjoy some time to snuggle and just relax with their parents. This gives you a zen way to unwind after a long day, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to talk to your child, about issues both big and small.

You can discuss school if they are of school age, what they get up to with their friends, relationships with siblings, or if they are bit older, any subject raised by something on the television.

Keeping the lines of communication open throughout your child’s lifetime provides the chance to keep your relationship strong and ensures that your child knows he or she can come to you anytime they need to.