Are you looking for coding games for kids that are fun, educational, and really engaging? Sometimes the easiest approach to teach kids something is through a game, with family and friends.

Coding Games For Kids

Thinking being creative, logically, problem solving, mastering computing… we’ve all heard about the great things that kids must be learning. Nevertheless, where’s the fun in thousands of lines of jumbled numbers and letters?
We often consider coding a geeky, singular activity; however with programming games, the learning becomes a multiplayer experience. Parents, siblings and friends would all be able to take part.

Coding doesn’t have to be hard and boring; it can be fun if educated in the correct way. You’ll be astonished by the choice of smart ways that coding games happens to be being utilized for teaching the basic perceptions of programming and logical thinking.

Board games, Card games, tablet games and robots are on the whole being utilized for getting kids thinking about coding in an exciting and lively way. These games teach syntax, logic, problem solving and help develop a sense of what programming is and how computers work. Impressive and simply great fun, here is a list of the best coding games for kids in 2017.


Bloxels is a Kid Coding game unit where kids design their own characters and game maze utilizing colored pegs. Utilizing an application, you take a photograph of the peg board creation and it becomes a real game that is later customized. Kids can likewise visit different people’s formed worlds or visit them for some kind of inspiration.

Robot Turtles Game

If your students or kids are a huge devotee of board games, they will be excited to explore the humankind of encoding with the Game of Robot Turtles. Among the finest coding games for kids are this cool board game has the pleasure of being the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history. From young child to teenagers, this irregular board game will be inspirational for little programmers who are keen to learning further about coding. One can likewise download additional materials, for example, an e-book or coloring pages on their official website.

On The Brink by Think Fun

The primary in a sequence of 3kids coding games: It is a pristine Kid Coding game offered by Think Fun. It is an increase from the type of programming perceptions in the winning Robots Turtles games. Children must utilize the problem solving aptitudes for getting their robot from A – B, utilizing the conduct of pre-programmed moves and painted squares. Other games in the sequence happen to be CODE: Rover Control: Robot Repair.

Coding Farmers

Coding Farmers is a board game that introduces kids to the concept of Java programming. Through out the board game one can play action cards, children use to play around their playing tools, utilizing simple commands.


It is a game for sharpening the mind and body of the children and that also within the simplistic format. This toy with a control board, Programming blocks and a drawing bot happens to be the best option that the children may be interested for. The small but simple challenges for using their creative power happen to be right here. Within the budget, Gobot is the best deal you can expect.