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Parenting is a beautiful thing, because you get to shape a whole new person. However, even though it is filled with happy moments, it can drain your energy sometimes. As a parent, you won’t get much free time, but when you do, use it to revitalize your energy and be ready for new parenting challenges. Here are some great ideas for your 5 minutes of relaxation.

Gather Your Girls

It has probably been a while since you and your girlfriends have spent some quality time together. As soon as you grab a little time, you should make arrangements to meet them and catch up on everything. Get a babysitter for your kids or make plans with your significant other to take care of them and hit the road. Spending time with your dear friends will recharge your batteries and help you relax. You can do anything from going to the movies or shopping, to sipping cocktails in a local bar. The choice is yours, just make sure it is something fun and refreshing.

A Bedroom Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be yours only and you and your partner should do everything to turn it into a sanctuary. Ban any toys and kid’s stuff in this room, and surround yourself with your favorite things. Refresh the bedroom with a new piece of luxury furniture you have always wanted. Install blinds that can provide enough darkness in the room for an afternoon nap. Also, place your favorite books on the nightstand, so you can read whenever you feel like it. Treat yourself with new comfortable sheets that make you feel like you are lying on a cloud, and place a few scented candles around to soften the atmosphere. Every time you are in there, you will manage to recharge your batteries and enjoy some private time.  
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Catch up on Your Shows

You probably spend more time watching kids’ shows and just don’t have enough time for your own. Managing to watch your shows will put you in a good mood and you will feel much more relaxed. So, hurry your children to bed, pop open a bottle of wine, make some popcorn and spend some time on watching the episodes you’ve missed. If there is a new show on, treat yourself, and you can even make this a weekly tradition as every new episode goes on the air.

Exercise a Bit

Any type of exercising will do miracles to your energy levels. You will feel physically tired, but on the inside you will feel as good as new. Make some time for a quick yoga session at home, go for a walk around the block to clear your mind, start jogging early in the morning or late at night, or apply for a local gym membership. Whatever suits you and your needs will be good, but it is essential to exercise in order to clear your mind and strengthen your body.

Treat Yourself

Most of the treats and money in a home are spent on the children. You rarely spend money on yourself and now is the time to do that. Book a day at a spa center and enjoy massages, manicures and pedicures.

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Also, you can go for a drive to the mall and buy yourself some new shirts, pants or anything you might need. Afterwards, you can treat yourself to a quiet lunch and some dessert. Whatever you find fit for your day off, just do it. Just make sure to leave the kids with your parents or a babysitter and go spend some time by yourself.
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Daily tasks, obligations and taking care of the family can make even the strongest parents crumble. That is why you need some time to relax and recharge your batteries. Treat yourself and be selfish for at least one day and you will feel much better.

By: Zara Lewis