Multi-Pumpkin Projects


It’s time to really think outside the box! Use multiple pumpkins of different sizes to create cool vignettes or full porch decorations. Get creative and use your imagination! Here are some ideas.


  • Get ambitious by putting a skull in a pumpkin head! Find a white pumpkin that will just fit inside an orange pumpkin, then split the orange pumpkin in half and carve a basic face on it. Carve a skull face into the white pumpkin and nestle it inside the split-open orange pumpkin for a totally chilling effect.


  • Carve a small hole in the bottom of a pumpkin to sit it right on top of the stem of the pumpkin below it. See how high you can stack them!


  • This isn’t technically using more than one pumpkin…but it’s using more OF the pumpkin! Instead of throwing out the guts you scrape from your cared pumpkin, why not utilize them as a humor accent as shown here? Just remember to toss the gust sooner than later—this technique is a one-night deal.


  • You don’t have to physically attach two pumpkins to make a statement. Try following a theme or just carving pumpkins that are “reacting” to one another.


  • Put a small pumpkin (or other appropriately-sized fruit) in the carved mouth of a big pumpkin. You can really make a funny scene by giving each pumpkin an expressive face!



For more pumpkin carving tips and traceable patterns, check out Easy Pumpkin Carving: Spooktacular Patterns, Tips & Ideas.