5 Reasons Families Are Ditching Living Room Carpet

There’s a lot that goes into the choices you make in regards to the interior design of a home. Some of these choices regard aesthetics. Others regard functionality or convenience. Trends regarding interior design and home design in general also tend to change drastically over the years.

If you have been following these trends, you should have noticed that carpet is on the way out for living room floors. There are very good reasons for this. Below are five reasons why families are ditching living room carpet.

Carpet Gets Stained

If you have an active family, there is almost absolute certainty that your carpet will begin to accumulate a large number of stains over the years. Sadly, many kinds of stains do not come out. While you could choose darker carpet, this is only badly masking the problem.

Carpet Wears Out

Carpet is not a permanent flooring solution. No carpet is designed to last forever. It is designed, in fact, to eventually be replaced. Carpet will begin to wear out over its lifespan. This is especially true in areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Those areas will begin to look very worn-out compared to the rest of the carpet.

Carpet Traps Dirt and Filth

Carpet fibers are designed in a way that allows them to easily trap dirt and filth. Vacuuming won’t be enough to clean carpet. Steam cleaning is required, and that can be a lot of work. Overall, carpet is certainly not the most sanitary choice for flooring.

Carpet Is Aesthetically Boring

An installation of carpet can only be one color and texture. It’s static and very mundane. There are other choices for flooring that are livelier and more artistically complex. If you want more aesthetically pleasing choices, consider visiting a distributor so you can create a more artistic design for your flooring.

Carpet Is Bad for Allergies

If someone in your family has allergies, carpet is a terrible choice. Like how it traps dirt, carpet also collects and traps dust. In fact, dust will be released into the air each time someone walks over it. Dust is much easier to remove from more solid flooring choices like hardwood or tile.

There are many reasons why families are abandoning carpet in their living rooms. It doesn’t stay in great condition for that long. It is very unsanitary, and it can be downright ugly. Consider other options like tile or hardwood that do not share these kinds of problems.