5 Reasons Why Teletubbies Are Your Favorite Children’s Series


It’s hard to believe that many years ago the famous toddler show “Teletubbies” graced television screens. Millions of children around the world fell in love with these cuddly little beings. Now, two decades later, a new generation of little ones will get to enjoy Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky. Teletubbies has a lot of great happenings for families to get excited about.  Here are the 5 Reasons Why Teletubbies are your favorite children’s series!

They Are Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary

This year marks the return of the iconic children’s brand and the 20th anniversary of Teletubbies. It feels like yesterday, families were introduced to the four Teletubbies and their world of love and laughter. A new generation will now enjoy the Home Dome and the magical countryside of Teletubbyland through play with the help of their touch screen tummies! This is a brand that has stood the test of time and can be trusted with your little ones.

The New Second Season will be Airing on Family Junior

5 Reasons Why Teletubbies Are Your Favorite Children’s Series

Families get to enjoy the second season of Teletubbies airing on Family Junior every day at 8am ET! Little ones can now enjoy their favorite four every day! There will be familiar and beloved features from the original series, – such as the Noo-noo, Tubby Custard, Tubby Toast, Sun Baby, rabbits and the Voice Trumpets. However, there will be some brand new surprises along the way for your little ones as well. You will have to tune in to find out!

The new series features 60 brand new 12 minute long episodes. Did you know that the original series was filmed outdoors?  Filming for the new series was brought indoors this time using pioneering new production techniques in Twickenham, London!

The new Windmill that we all know and love has a more natural look but believe it or not, it’s only 25 cm high!

Your children will admire the 20,000 laser cut flowers and 40,000 real dried flowers on the Teletubbies landscape model. Each flower was hand painted and placed into the model to give a natural and realistic look. There are four varieties of flowers on the model – buttercups, poppies, daisies and cornflowers. Can your child identify them all?

Look out for the screens in the Teletubbies’ tummies. They now have been changed to reflect 21st century touch-screen tummies!

Parents, there is a brand new Sun Baby who is 18 months old. Believe it or not, the original Sun Baby is now 19 years old.

A new line of DVDs from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

5 Reasons Why Teletubbies Are Your Favorite Children’s Series


Can’t wait for 8am to begin? Now there will be a new a line of DVDs from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for your whole family to enjoy! Your children will love the Teletubbies and have them at your fingertips. Collect them all!

The Educational Benefits of the Series

5 Reasons Why Teletubbies Are Your Favorite Children’s Series

The Teletubbies are so important because it is not only an entertaining show but the series has so many educational benefits! Your child’s educational needs are important to the series.

The Teletubbies are passionate about humor and the creation of conversation between your child and the programme. The pace of the show allows your child to formulate their answer and make a verbal response. There is repetition to not only help children use words but understand when and how they’re used. The words that the Teletubbies use are easy for children to fit into their own vocabulary.

Each Teletubby has a favorite thing, such as Po and her precious scooter. Engage your child to name all of the Teletubbies’s favorite things! This is encouraging your child’s memory.

The Teletubby world is colourful! Take five toys the same colour as the Teletubbies in a basket and ask your child to find other things of the same colour.

Your child will learn colours, learn to observe the world around them and lastly, identify similar items.

Teletubbies help children with their physical development. They can show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements throughout the programme. The Teletubbies demonstrate how to handle equipment and tools effectively. Small children watching the Teletubbies will like to engage in physical action as well.

Socially and emotionally, the Teletubbies helps children understand their feelings and also the feelings of the children around them. They will understand to follow the rules and you will notice your child will develop a sense of humor and find out what makes them laugh! We love how the Teletubbies share big hugs!

The title sequence for the theme tune was recorded by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

A New Line of Adorable Teletubbies Toys from Spin Master

5 Reasons Why Teletubbies Are Your Favorite Children’s Series


We are thrilled that Teletubbies 6” Super Soft Plush Toys are available for your little one. Available at all major retailers, bring home all of the wonder and magic of the Teletubbies with this super soft plush toy. Most of all, this is perfect for both playtime and nap time. Which one is your child’s favorite Teletubby?

We think your child will love the Teletubbies 8” Talking Plush Toy. It is made from super soft plush and your little ones will love the talking Teletubbies with speech and sound effects! Simply squeeze your Teletubby’s tummy and listen to it talk.

The 10” Laugh and Giggle Po is the same as her on-screen persona, she loves to laugh and the more you tickle her tummy, the more she is going to giggle!

The 10” Lullaby Laa-Laa is the perfect bedtime companion. Children can set how long their plush friend will sing with a built-in switch. Lastly, there is also a soft night light show to ease them into a peaceful sleep.

There are so many shows that children love but Teletubbies lasts through the ages. Teletubbies fans big and small will be excited about the Teletubbies. These are five of the many reasons why your family will fall in love with this timeless children’s television show all over again!