By Mona Bajwa

Trymbl Cofounder

The tips below will help moms instantly restore their glow and
energy, back from hectic summer travels as they get ready for back to school.
It’s time to be the hip and hot mommy again!

1) RENEW – Don’t forget to
exfoliate, which is essential for a healthy, brighter, younger-looking skin.
Get rid of dead skin with these natural / organic gems: Tea Infused Lip Scrub, Jojoba Facial Exfoliant, Gluten-Free Exfoliating Clay Scrub, Ambrosia de Rosa Mask & Scrub, Moisturizing Body Scrub.

2) HYDRATE – Travel, hectic
routine, change of water, exposure to sun are all the sources of dull, patchy,
irritated skin. Right hydration and nourishment is critical to maintain the glow
you desire. These toxin-free products can provide just the nourishment you
need:  Calendula Cream, Environmental Repair Plus Face Serum, Replenishing Hydrator with SPF 25, Silk Shimmer Body Lotion, Love and Joy Oil.

Woman Receiving Spa Treatment

3) RECHARGE – Beauty sleep is called
so for a reason.  Practice deep relaxation. Put those gadgets away and sleep
like a baby.  These products can help you recharge: SleepEase, Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit, Organic Sweet Dream Pillow.

4) NOURISH: Enhance your
youth by nourishing your skin with anti-oxidants, peptides, vitamin c and
retinol. Anti-Aging Daily Nutrients, Master Protocol7 Serum, Ultra Hydrator (night) with Peptides, The Youth Creme, Organic Anti-Oxidant Rich Moisturizer.

Save time by using dual acting products such as Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen, Camelia Blanca Anti-Aging Cleanser+Moisturizer, Cleansing Lotion, Hair Moisturizer & Styling Gel, Daytime Anti-Aging Serum, Sport SPF 45 Moisturizer.