5 Tips to take care of new born twin babies

Expecting twin babies is one thing, but having to live your lives watching them grow right in front of our eyes is a different kind of blessing altogether. Your schedule must match with not just one, but two of your naughty ones. From feeding them, to getting them to play together, to putting them back to sleep, and all the other baby-care activities in between them. Getting infant twins on a somewhat fixed schedule is going to come at an exhausting cost.

  1. Making most out of their diaper change.

Diaper change can be a messy act most of the times, but it’s worth noting that the parent spends quite a good deal of time with their kids during this exercise. So, what can you as a parent do to make most of this time?

  • Practice your lullaby – The more they hear you sing these carols, the more they get used to it. This will reduce your lead time on other activities like napping, feeding, etc.
  • Practice new words – Simple words like ‘Mama’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Water’ or even their own names can be taught while you’re busy cleaning their bottoms.
  • Make meaningful actions – Easy faces like those of a roaring lion or a meowing cat can be taught to your kids to make this a fun exercise.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, you can even think of your own ideas which can help your kids learn faster.

  1. The many ways to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding twins or multiples can be done either exclusively or together. According to an article by Baby Centre, there are multiple ways in which you can feed your twins. And if you’re worried that the milk supply might be a cause of concern then there’s absolutely nothing to fear about. The laws of nature have made the mother’s anatomy so adaptive that an increase in the outgoing quantity of milk will lead to an increase in the internal production! However, holding your babies upright to latch them on to your breasts might take some time and practice. You can take the help of pillows or rolled towels for this purpose. And just in case one of the two infants is not ready to nurse, you can be flexible with your timings and feed him/her after an hour or so. These acts are authenticated by modern medical studies, your family doctor can help you further in this.

  1. Sharing – teach them this habit right from the start.

Even though your kids won’t understand the real essence of ‘sharing’ at such a tender age, but practicing this with basic entities like their toys and other products will impart an aura of understanding and compassion between the two. Examples can be taken from lives of sportspersons who have built their sporting careers in the same field. One amazing example from the Great Britain are the Hylton and Neilsen twins, who have made a sensation in the sprinting field. And while we are discussing the topic of sharing products, HotUKSavings provides you value for your money on a variety of baby products.

4. Play, hold, and floor.

In case you’re handling your twins all alone, then the play time can either be fun or fuss. As babies grow up, they tend to show a sense of possessiveness on everything. From their toys to your time, they might want a larger share in everything. But fret not, there are ways in which this challenging period can be handled. You can settle down the calmer baby on a mat or on their crouch and surround them with a few toys to keep them busy. Now, you can easily handle the more active one who’s creating more fuss. And once the calm one takes the naughtier role, you can switch positions between the two. You will be surprised to know that this turns out to be one of the best ways of managing the play, hold and floor time of your twins.

  1. The napping routine.

Finally, let’s talk about the operation which can test the limits of your strength and patience. Before your twins learn to put themselves to sleep, it will take some effort from your side to solve this conundrum. As a first, you can make a note of all those places where they fell asleep and all those activities which caused them to fall asleep rather quickly. You can always sleep-shift your babies no matter where they doze off. Remember your childhood days when you woke up in your bed even if you slept in the living room or at the backseat of the car? It’s time to let your kids make these memories. You can also sleep train your kids after a particular age and after taking the advice from your doctor. Co-bedding is another amazing trick that can put your babies to sleep, the kids have spent a long time together in the womb, they are accustomed to staying together by nature. Rocking or feeding them to sleep is another conventional way.

As a mother, all it requires from you is a bit of focus and a bit of determination to help your kids grow happily together. And we hope our tips will shift this task from double-trouble to double-fun!