5 Tricks for Successful Home Remodeling with Kids!

Home remodeling is a fun and exciting undertaking, but when you’ve got a family to take care of and a home to update, things can sometimes get out of control as your days become more hectic. However, there are certain tips you can use to make your reno project go more smoothly. Here, we’re presenting you with five tricks for successful home remodeling – read on to learn what they are.

Don’t try to tackle a complete house renovation – take it slow

It is difficult to tackle a renovation on its own, but when you have kids, it seems impossible. Therefore, don’t try to remodel the entire house because you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Instead, opt for remodeling rooms that could use the upgrade the most – usually, those rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. Why these two, you might ask? Well, first of all, investing in these two rooms means an increase in the value of your home (if you ever decide to sell it). Second of all, these rooms are a lot less likely to be destroyed by your little ones, than, say, their bedroom or playroom. You can tackle those after they grow up. So, choose wisely and take it slow, one room at a time.

Think about the storage and transportation of your belongings

One of the things you need to consider before you start renovating is where you’ll keep all your things. Bulky furniture, carpets, clothing and toys will just get in the way of your remodeling project. Therefore, it’s essential that you look for the best storage option there is to keep your things in one place while you focus on remodeling. There are many options when it comes to storage units so you can choose the one that suits your needs. After you’ve decided on the storage, think about how you want to transfer your belongings into the rented storage unit. By booking online for a Budget truck hire deal, you’ll be provided with a truck that you can use to transport your belongings by yourself and store them, resting assured they’re safe and secure.

Create a timeline for your home remodeling

Of course, not everything will go according to plan, but having a timeline in front of your eyes can help you disregard minor problems and focus your energy on your priorities. Go around your home and see if there is anything that you’ll need to replace, repair or upgrade. Estimate how much time and money you will be spending on certain rooms or tasks and plan your budget and time by bearing that in mind. Technology has made it easier for us to plan our home renovation – there are many home design apps that can help you create schedules for tasks that will take place during renovation. That way, you can easily see what your vision actually looks like, giving you the opportunity to change your mind thus saving you the risk of making costly mistakes. Also, some tasks need to be tackled before moving on to something else, so make sure you jot down the timeline of your home remodel and stick to it.

Make sure that the contractor you hire is family-oriented

How do you ensure the safety of your children during the renovation? Well, you hire someone who has prior experience in working with families with kids. Better yet, if they have children of their own – choose that contractor. Opting for a family-friendly contractor is essential for creating a safe work environment where you won’t have to worry about your children getting hurt. Such contractors are more likely to pay attention to details, making your home safe for your little ones during the renovation. We all know how children can be restless, so by hiring a contractor who most certainly won’t leave their tools lying around and will make sure to seal off areas that are being renovated, you’ll be providing your children with a secure environment they can jump around and play in safely.

Include your children in renovating your home

Although children can’t really help you renovate your house, they can give you some ideas and suggestions when it comes to creating their new home. To make the whole process easier on your kids, talk to them about the renovation as soon as possible and give them time to prepare so that it doesn’t come as a shock to them. That way, you’ll avoid having them look at you in confusion when the contractors and the construction crew appear at your doorstep. Tell them what your plans are, and ask them whether they have any (realistic) wishes for their new home. If you’re renovating their room, make sure to ask them about their favorite color and use it to paint their bedroom or playroom. Let them choose the theme for their room and decorate it the way they like it. Regardless of the fact that they can’t do much during the reno, just by knowing that they contributed in some way to the whole process will make them feel more connected to the home remodeling.

Even though undertaking home remodeling with your kids around might sound daunting at first, it is well worth the effort once you see the end result. Use the tricks mentioned above, roll up those sleeves and start remodeling!