Top Dad Bloggers 2016


Top Dad Bloggers 2016


There are so many Dad Bloggers out there that are witty, funny and bringing great information to parents. We have compiled our Top Dad Bloggers of 2016! These Dad bloggers reside from all over the world and will have you visiting their websites time and time again! We have a Dad Blogger for every taste so check out these Top Dad Bloggers today. In no particular order, here are our top picks:

Life of Dad Show The Social Network for Dads. Life of Dad features thousands of fatherhood blogs, videos, podcasts, photos, celebrity interviews, and more.

Poppin’ Bottles Dad Cast This is what happens when two Dads with a sense of humor talk about parenting and more!

Nominated: Best Parenting Podcast

Gay NYC Dad Entertainment, Travel & Parenting Blogger! I talk about my kid, adoption and parenting, and do product reviews. HuffPo Disney Blogger.

Dadplaybook Gear | Food | Strategy | Experiences | From a new dad trying to be a modern father one diaper change at a time.

Husband, , nerd, / evangelist. Rotten Tomatoes columnist, Outreach/Community@ &

Writer, Author, blogger at ‘Dad or Alive’, HuffPo and TODAY Parents. Full-time Stay-at-home dad for 3 kids under 5. TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: dad_or_alive

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’ 🙂 This blogger is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators and in March 2009 started publicly using and evangelizing the term ROR: Return on Relationship™. He also so many other hats. A must read!

Author of The Parents’ Phrase Book. Co-founder . Social guy . Hides insecurities with food & humor. I write for that site you like.

Using Humor as a Survival Tool Speaker, Published author, Blogger, Superhero in Training and Daddy and hubbie. RT for Daddies and men Tell me a joke.

Dad. Husband. Rock Star, turned blogger. . I dig music. Snapchat: mrcanadiandad

The Social Network for Dads. Life of Dad features thousands of fatherhood blogs, videos, podcasts, photos, celebrity interviews, and more.

Answer The Tully Phone Do you have a product, event, location or service that touches a family’s life in any way? Let’s collaborate!

Being Daddy UK An in-the-making blog from a married father of five young children.

Dad’s Round Table Parenting, Health, Sports, Food, Culture & Lifestyle stories and discussions.

FathershipcoukWinging Fatherhood. Great blog.

dadarchives A collection of insights into the fine art of being a Dad.

BradCTx Christian author, blogger, and speaker writing about stuff related to suburban dads; work/life balance, reducing stress & connecting w/the kids

FatherFoodFun Celebrating & sharing stories of fatherhood, great food to enjoy with family and friends, and plenty of fun with the little ones!

TheRawsonFamilyDad Vlogger / Husband / YOUTUBER

getdadshealthyOn a mission to get new dads healthier.

allstardadsAll Star Dads are made, not born. Father of three, husband to one. Personal:

I’m a Big Damn Kid who reviews toys, movies, cars, food, travel destinations and apps. I also take a Photo-A-Day & I Daily on YouTube.

I became a Parent & then started a blog – about being a dad / father & fatherhood and somethings I love Photography Toys TechGear TV & Movies!

bigcheesedad Dad Blogger. SAHD of 6. Husband of 1. Christ follower. Wisconsin transplant living the dream in Washington State. Sports nut and outdoor enthusiast.

Teacher by day. Blogger by night. Funny by choice. Part time Superhero/ Full-time Dad.

designer daddy 40ish gay dad blogger w/6yo son. Utility belt contents: Starbucks, Advil, Just for Men.

dad university Providing  education and skills not taught in school. We help fathers through advice.

The Good Bad Dad Dad, Husband, Blogger, Author

gettingmydadonThe ups, downs, and roundabouts that come with being a dad.

one tough dad Oklahoma Dad to 3 kids.

dadlifekids6Dad Life Kids is all about my life as a dad along with my daughter, anything from the big events to the daily shenanigans Sophia gets up to!!

dadworldorder Dad Blogger | Love checking out all the fun family things life has to offer | Life, reviews & more!

eatsleepdad coffee drinkin’, money savin’ dad blogger. Military guy, new to the minimalist lifestyle. No fluff, just real dad stuff. Follow me if you want to live…better.

daddyintheraw”The Real Life of a Work At Home Dad”

robainbinder Online Marketer, Dad, Husband, Author, Columnist.

dadsrise Dad to two amazing kids! Dad Blogger and Accountant. Being involved in my Children’s lives and confidence as a man are what drive me.

dadvworld Taking on the world as a Dad | Dad | Husband | Blogger | Vlogger

imnotgrandpaBad Ass Fifty-Something Marathon-Running Stay at Home Dad

whatdadsthinkProud father of two beautiful girls I know I will have to bail out of jail some day. Longorn, Bears and Texans fan. My wife is a badass. SFA Alum

youthedaddyDad-to-be blogger & reviewer, giving the guy’s perspective on pregnancy, babies and parenthood .

newdadio Husband | Blogger | Dad | Reviewer | Early adopter | Pretending I know what I’m doing playing dad to Little G-Man.

thedadnetworkuk UK’s #1 Dad Blogger; according to Vuelio & #3 blogger in tots100. Networking dads on & offline.

Slouching Towards Thatcham Dad of 3 • #3 Tots100 dad blog • Podcaster

A Life Just Ordinary The life & times of Joshua’s dad! Reading FC, Reading FC Women, dance music, friends, family and a very lively toddler – what else is there?!

Best Dad I Can Be Winner of UK’s Funniest Dad Blogger award. Writer, speaker, red wine drinker New book soon – Father, Son and the Pennine Way

DIY Daddy Dad to five inc twins. painter/decorator Top10 UK Dadblogger 2016

Life of A Busy Dad I’m a father of four children with the oldest being 13 years old. I live in the Midwest in the beautiful state of Iowa.

Dad’s Diary English toddler tamer, writer and parenting humourist.

Neu Dad Mike Oldham is an Event Manger new to the world of parenthood.

That Dadgum Blog Dad, nerd, writer, aspiring author, fantasy geek, devourer of chaos, trying to be the best dadgum dad I can be

Ask Your Dad Blog I write a blog about being a dad. I try to be funny on purpose.

Dad Up North-UK Dad blog – Googling my way through parenthood

I Wrote Those Coffee-guzzler. Cake-devourer. Moody Writer. Recovering ice cream addict. Dad to a 4y ninja. Goes into survival mode if tickled. In search of sleep & the Shire

Drooling Daddy Its easy to bring out the child with in when I have three kids to help. That and not growing up… I am now a daddy blogger!

Dad Mode: On Full-time Dad, part-time photographer, lifetime lucky husband.

It’s Adam Again MD of design, print & digital agency.

A Father’s Instruction Husband.  Passion to help dads raise their children while following a biblical worldview. Master Lego builder and tea party host.

Chronicles of A New Dad I’m a new dad who tries not to screw up. I started a blog to record my thoughts on being a parent. Recently featured on ABC.

Notes From Your Dad-I’m Chris Meinsen from San Diego, California. My wife Jamie and I relocated to Tampa, Florida in 2012. We were married in June of 2013. We spent the last couple of years trying to expand our family, and just recently found success while on vacation in Cozumel, Mexico.

Once I found out we were pregnant, I stared wishing I could talk to the little guy. That’s when I came up with the idea for Notes From Your Dad. I really enjoy being able to document the experience for him to read someday.
funnydadinc  Hilarious columns and videos on the funny “business” of parenting, from corporate standup comedian.







We know you will love these Dad Bloggers as much as we do!