Baby birth videos – Whether you are pregnant and curious about birth or if you are a parent looking to experience the joy of birth, we have many videos to show you how the process works. The body is incredible. Each birth is unique from one another. Though births can be similar, no two births can be the same. Check out these birth videos filmed by hospitals, doctors, midwives and more and learn a little more on what can be expected during birth.

Note: Some of these videos may be considered graphic to some. You will see blood, vaginal birth, c-section birth.

Should You Watch Birth Videos Before Giving Birth?

Whether or not you should watch birth videos before giving birth is a personal decision that depends on your preferences, comfort level, and goals for preparation. Here are some factors to consider when deciding:

  1. Education and Preparation: Birth videos can provide you with a visual understanding of what to expect during labor and delivery. They can help demystify the process and provide insights into various birthing experiences. If you’re someone who values being well-prepared and informed, watching birth videos can be a useful part of your childbirth education.
  2. Managing Expectations: Watching birth videos can help you set realistic expectations about the birthing process. It can showcase the diversity of birth experiences, from natural births to cesarean sections, so you are mentally prepared for different possibilities.
  3. Reducing Anxiety: For some people, watching birth videos can help reduce anxiety and fear related to childbirth. Knowing what to expect can make you feel more in control and less anxious about the unknown.
  4. Empowerment: Birth videos featuring positive and empowering birth stories can inspire confidence in your ability to give birth. They can serve as a source of motivation and encouragement.
  5. Discomfort and Triggers: On the other hand, some individuals may find birth videos distressing or triggering. If you have a history of trauma or anxiety related to childbirth, it’s important to consider whether watching such videos would be helpful or harmful to your emotional well-being.
  6. Partner’s Involvement: If you have a birth partner, watching birth videos together can help them understand the process better and provide support during labor and delivery.
  7. Balanced Information: Be mindful of the types of birth videos you choose to watch. Seek out a variety of sources and experiences to get a balanced perspective on childbirth. Avoid sensationalized or graphic videos if they make you uncomfortable.
  8. Professional Guidance: Consider discussing your decision with a healthcare provider or childbirth educator. They can offer guidance on what might be most beneficial for your specific situation and address any concerns you may have.

Ultimately, whether you choose to watch birth videos before giving birth should align with your personal preferences and comfort level. Some people find them highly valuable for preparation, while others prefer to rely on other forms of education and support. It’s important to prioritize your emotional well-being and choose the approach that makes you feel most empowered and confident during this significant life event.

Best Baby Birth Videos

These are some of the best baby birth videos on Youtube. They are educational and help prepare you for what could happen during birth.

Birthing A Baby

This baby birth video gives a close up of giving birth to a baby. At this moment, it may be an overwhelming urge to push hard! Try to listen to your birth provider as sometimes not pushing is best to avoid tearing. Every situation is different! Be sure to listen to your team.

Animation Live Video

This video is educational about the different stages of birth. It will help you understand the stages of a vaginal birth.

Birth No Complications

There is no such thing as a normal birth as every birth is different! The mother who experiences an easy pregnancy may have an emergency with the next one. However, this following video is a birth with no complications.

C Section Birth

Trigger warning – blood, surgical cutting – This video shows a c-section birth with no complications.

Natural Birth

A natural birth is a birth without any epidural. This is an example of an uncomplicated natural birth.

Watching Your Loved One Give Birth

Watching someone you love is a life changing event. You witness the strength and love of your loved one and also get a new family member or little friend!

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