Rosie Pope is a Mom, wife, designer, educator and TV personality. She is also an all around guide for women during their pregnancies and beyond! Rosie has given us six tips to keep the spark alive with your spouse!
* Every night can be Friday night: don’t wait for the weekend to have a special night. When you are a parent everyday is early wake up day so don’t worry about what night just seize the night and make it a special one.
* Porsecco in the shower:  turn normal activities into something special from sharing some Porsecco during a nighttime shower to going for a run together followed by a couples dip in a home-made plunge pool (just fill your tub with cold water).  Just  choose something you both like doing and need to do and add a special twist.
* Communication even when it’s awkward: it doesn’t take a genius to realize communication is essential in a successful relationship but it isn’t always easy to do. However, talking about things is far better than bottling it up over time and taking passive aggressive jabs when our partner has no idea what is bothering us.  Beware though, you need to be able to hear their honest thoughts just as much as you dish out yours.
rosie pope
* In their shoes: when you have been living with someone for a long time it can be easy to stop seeing things from their perspective. Try putting yourself in their shoes and thinking what would bring a smile to their face or how would be the better way to phrase what you are about to say to get the result you want.
* Don’t share everything: strangers can be attractive because we don’t know all their inner floors. Sometimes the best policy is not to share everything with your partner e.g you don’t love your post baby belly, don’t draw attention to it, insecurity is not saucy and they are almost certainly less concerned about it than you are.
*And finally – when in doubt, remind yourself (and them) of your love story – everybody has that special giddy time when they first met and it’s important to visit those moments in your mind and in your heart OFTEN.