According to research by, a removals company, 9-in-10 parents, or 87 percent, find moving stressful. Based on their research 1-in-5 parents find that their biggest worry during this stressful time was looking after their kids and keeping them entertained.

That research led to introduce BoxForts. These are basically cardboard boxes that children can transform into forts. These BoxForts aren’t just a great way to alleviate a parent’s stress, they can also help a child overcome the psychological impact of the move. is currently testing the BoxForts with families. The first BoxFort is a single box that can become a castle. The second is a set of boxes that can create a giant fort by fitting the boxes together in the same way as plastic building bricks.

If you’re in the process of moving, here are some tips provided to us by on what you can do to make the process easier on your children.

Six Tips to Help Make Moving Easier for Children

  1. Involve Your Children in the Move

Your children should be told about the move about one or two months beforehand. This will give them time to think about it, but not enough time to worry.

Show them the new local area, pointing out parks, playgrounds, schools and shops that would interest them. This will help them imagine how much fun they can have. If possible, let them visit the new house before moving and show them their new room.

  1. Give Them Some Control

Let your kids help pick things for their new house and room. They can help choose furniture, paint colours, and other home decorations. If you include your child in this process, they will start to get excited about moving to the new house, instead of worrying about the move.

    3.If You Have School Age Kids, Don’t Move During Their Term

If a child starts in a new school half way through the term, they have to catch up on the schoolwork that they’re doing in their new class. They will also have trouble forming friendship groups since they would already be clearly defined. If you move during the summer it can make your child’s transition easier.

  1. Stick To Your Normal Routine

When it comes to a big change like moving home, continuity in your everyday life is important. Do the things you always to, including family meal times and game nights. Invite family and friends to come over and visit the new house. This will make your child feel like they have just changed or switched houses instead of losing their home.

  1. Make Moving Fun

Make the move fun by using the moving boxes to play games. Kids love to play with boxes. Find a safe place for them to play and let their imagination run wild.

  1. Don’t Let Them See You’re Stressed

Your children take their emotional cues from you. If they see that you’re stressed and worried, then they will become worried believing the move must be a negative thing. On the other hand, if they see that you’re feeling positive about the move, then they will believe that everything will be fine.