There have been more and more studies that have shown how Dads who are more hands-on in the development of their children in their formative years, have better bonds with them in their adult life.

Dad’s who take time to engage in different activities with their kids play a crucial role in boosting their physical and mental development. Now that Winter is here, there is no better time for Dads to engage in activities that will go a long way in strengthening the bonds with their kids.

You may already be thinking about the Winter but not exactly sure of what activities to have lined up. Well, worry no more because there are lots of activities you can try with yours kids. The following are six incredible ways to create or strengthen your bond with your kids this Winter.


1. Indoor Drafts

Crafts With Kids | It's time to Embrace the "Maker" Spirit

The Winter can obviously get extremely cold and it might not always be suitable for you or the kids to go outside. If this happens, you need to find different but fun activities that you can do together.

One great way to spend some time indoors with the kids is to engage in some great crafts for kids. This gives all of you the chance to exercise your creativity as you share some giggles together. All you need to do is just to grab some crayons, scissors, papers and some glue and get busy. Do this and watch your kids’ imagination run wild.


2. Go Camping, but during the day

Kids love camping so this one opportunity for you to create that bond with them. Over the winter, especially on the milder days, chances are that you are going to find a lot of open spaces to pitch your camping tent. It is also ideal because most insects like wasps and midges would not be around to spoil all the fun you are going to be having. When it comes to camping with kids, make sure you bring all the right essentials with you because camping in the winter can be more intense and more adventurous thus you should come very prepared. If it’s too cold at night, you could always have a day adventure in your camp!


3. You could try sledding

Winter bonding activities should not have to be expensive for you.

That’s why activities like sledding can add to the fun and double the bonding time with your kids. You should not let your kids have all the fun sledding down the slopes though! Join them because there is no shame in you blazing down the slope screaming at the top of your voice. Your kids may possibly laugh at you even more when they see you coming down that sledge, but there’s no better joy in being Dad. The excitement and thrills of the activity will end up in deep belly laughter and hugs. There could be no better feeling.


4. Winter Baking

Encourage their playful and messy side once in a while. If they find something that will allow them be messy and creative, they are going to be even more rounded for it. Let them join you and your cookie cutters in creating some edgy designs and decorations on the Christmas cookies over the Winter. There is no doubt that your kids will enjoy decorating the cookies with colourful frosting and sprinkles.

You can take advantage of that and you could even use this opportunity to as cover or your childish choices without judgement. Go out of your way and find different cookie recipes to make the activity even more fun. The bonding time is going to be crowned by some delicious cookies.


5. Engage your minds with a board game

If the outdoor is too cold, why don’t you sit in and find a board game to enjoy together with your kids? You could choose to go for Monopoly, Scrabble or even Clue, whichever works best with you and the kids at the time. Board games are great in creating and strengthening bonds at the same time improve your kid’s cognitive and mental abilities.


6. Build a snowman

What is winter without your own family Frost man? Every kid loves a snowman and as Dad you should take advantage of that fact and plan a day for you and the kids to get down to giving life to your very own Snowman. This will keep you and the kids occupied and I don’t see why you can’t engage your kids in a snowball fight while at it.