Pregnancy is a huge change for your body. Nine month’s carrying a child is sure to take its toll on how you look and also on how you feel.

We all know that shifting those pregnancy pounds is extremely tough and your body can be very stubborn when you try to do so. So, we have some great tips that will help make the whole process that bit easier.

Watch Your Calorie and Fat Intake

Avoid fad diets and any empty-calorie foods like chips, sodas, and other carbonated drinks. While these foods seem delicious, they do not have any useful nutrients for the body, but rather induce weight gain. Replace all these foods with nutrient-dense meals such as whole grains, lean meat, vegetables, fresh fruits, and low-fat dairy products. The reason why you should focus on nutrient-dense meals is to help your body recover after the pregnancy. Health experts also advise against trying to lose weight or going on a diet immediately after giving birth.


Introducing fresh vegetables to your diet plan is another excellent way to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, water, minerals, and vitamins essential for full body recovery. In addition to this, eating more of these veggies eliminates the urge to overeat, hence suitable for your weight. If you need to take juice, then consider freshly pressed fruit juice, orange juice is especially good for it is rich in vitamin c among other nutrients. Taking freshly squeezed juice also eliminates unnecessary calories from factory juice blends.

Take Power Naps

One untold fact about being a new mother is that you will rarely get enough sleep, and most probably spend sleepless nights in the first few months after your baby is born. While is purely natural and changes over time, new mothers should grab sleep each time they get the opportunity this could be during the day time.

One of the reasons why you should take a nap as often as you can get is that sleep deprivation often leads to reduced physical performance, decreased cognitive performance, and increased appetite. Most new mothers turn to food whenever sleep-deprived or low on energy. The interesting part is, they often go for high-calorie foods with a little nutrient value.

Lack of sleep or poor sleep pattern leads to increased cortisol production as well.  The hormone leads to increased muscle loss and belly fat buildup. The only way to control the hormone effectively is to get as much sleep as possible.

Fight Inflammation

The stress and trauma that the body goes through during pregnancy and when giving birth can cause internal inflammation. Internal inflammation may be due to the immune system responding to the trauma, and can only be controlled by eating nutritious foods. Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as berries, green tea, spices, garlic, vegetables, and turmeric can help contain the condition for good.  Processed foods and sugars should be avoided to help the body fight inflammation naturally. Consuming processed foods not only raises blood sugar but also makes the inflammation worse, hence should be avoided at all costs.


Breastfeeding alone has helped many mothers shed off many pounds in weight. Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby but also helps put the mother’s baby back in shape. The lactation period plays a crucial role of resetting the body’s hormones, metabolism, and insulin receptors. The act of breastfeeding also forces the body to burn extra calories and fats stored in adipose tissues too. Mothers who breastfeed their babies for at least 6 months have a better chance of regaining a great body figure as compared to those that don’t breastfeed at all. Much of the weight gained during the pregnancy period is lost as one breastfeeds.

Drink Lots of Water

Your body needs to stay hydrated all day long to help facilitate the resetting process.  Although many people will go for juice, pure water is recommended as it has more benefits to the body. Drinking ample amounts of water also induces thermogenesis, a process that contributes to increased metabolism and respiration rates. The increased respiration rates lead to further breakdown of fats to produce energy, hence weight loss.


Studies on the effects of pure water on weight loss also revealed that drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day reduces a person’s desire to eat more food. Drinking water induces some form of satiation that limits how much food you eat in a sitting while maintaining the required energy intake. The main idea behind drinking water is to help keep body cells hydrated.  Some people therefore need more water than others. Some of the factors that affect a person’s need for water include genetics, weather, activity levels, and size.


Try a Postpartum Girdle

A Postpartum Girdle can be a super option if you’ve had a C-section as it will provide you with the support you need after childbirth. As you’re well aware, pregnancy places extra stress on the spine and the stomach muscles and these girdles can be the thing to really help straighten your body out and aid it in recovery. They also provide the added benefit of making you look in-shape and fit – a morale boost at a time like this. Additionally, like traditional girdles they compress fatty cells and this can also aid weight loss. It can be hard to know what to decide upon when it comes to these girdles, fortunately however My Postpartum Wellness have a great review on the ins and outs.


Weight training plays a huge role in weight loss. While you don’t necessarily have to join the gym or work on dumbbells, taking on strenuous body exercises such as walking briskly, swimming, taking the stairs (careful), and doing some press ups is exercise enough to help you lose weight. Holding the baby high above your chest also contributes to increased metabolism and weight loss. Here is a good guide from Fit Pregnancy.

Post pregnancy weight loss is vital particularly for those who wish to regain a good body figure as well as watch their weight. One thing about this venture is, you can never take some weight loss programs advertised on the internet, for they may not be good for your body or the baby either. To avoid stressing your body, consider hiring a personal trainer to help with the exercises. This is the only sure way to prevent injuries and ensure optimal weight loss.

These tips are here to help you lose weight and get back to your pre-pregnancy size – so follow them and cut those pounds.