7 STEM Books you want to get right for your child right now!


When should you start exposing your children to science, technology, engineering and mathematics? We say as soon as possible! Parents want to let their children’s minds expand and enjoy these subjects but there is not a lot of great books for babies-kindergarteners out there. We have been searching and searching, until we were introduced to Chris Ferried.

Chris is a physicist, mathematician and father of four who believes it is never too early to introduce your small children to really big ideas. Chris created a series of books for babies to kindergarteners to learn about complex subjects. Even some adults are going to learn a thing or two! The simple illustrations make it easier for the little one to catch on and make these subjects that are complicated to some, seem less so.

After going through six of Chris’ books we could not decide on which one we recommend most! We were impressed with every single one, so we decided to tell you about the 6 STEM Books you want to get right now!

Optical Physics For Babies


Reflection, dispersion, refracted light, oh my! Your little one will be dazzled by Optical Physics for Babies. The simple drawings and bold colours/colors make optical physics fun for your little one.

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All colours/colors combine to make white light and white light contains all the colours/colours.

How does light travel when it hits something? How do colors/colours separate? All of these questioned are answered simply to your child in this book.

It’s not that hard to catch a rainbow. This book has to be in your little one’s library.


Let’s weigh in on gravity. The book keeps your little ones interested as they learn that Sir Isaac Newton wrote the three laws of motion. The apples do not float away but feels the force of gravity once they fall off of a tree. The bright drawings draw your child in as Chris uses easy to understand words to introduce your child to Newtonian Physics. As Chris says, it only takes on small spark to ignite a child’s mind. This quality book is exactly what we should feel our babies and children with. Hey, you might walk away learning something.

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Feel free to use demonstrations while explaining Newtonian Physics to your little one. Every child loves a good item falling to the ground!


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We were intrigued how Chris would master introducing quantum physics to such young minds but we were impressed! Neutrons, protons, atoms, electrons are explained as simply as possible. The drawings are again so easy to understand. This kept our three year old’s interest right until the end and she was happy to learn that she is now on her way to being a quantum physicist! There are few things cute than hearing a child under 5 saying quantum physicist.


“In the great green lab there was a laser and a lab notebook and a picture of Einstein with a stern look”.

Goodnight Lab had us laughing so much and had our children interested from beginning to end. Our four year old wondered out loud who “Einstein?” was Thank you Goodnight Lab! Our budding young scientists learned quickly that life as a scientist can be very stressful. This adorable parody had us grinning from ear to ear but our younger children taking saying good night to the lab very seriously.

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This book hilariously points out the mess and chaos of lab life but helps children learn a little more of life in a lab.

Say goodnight to the lab with your kids so they can begin another day in the world of research the next morning! The bright pictures keep your child engaged with this adorable story and parents laughing at this scientific parody.



You and your child will dive into General Relativity for Babies! Learn about mass and flat space. The simple drawings make these concepts understandable. Mass warps space and with less mass is less warp.

Your child will learn the basics of space and how space drags mass.

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Our personal favorite of this book is how author Chris Ferried briefly explains a black hole and identifies the center of a black hole, called a singularity.

This will give your child a broad perspective and an excellent foundation on mass and space. Your small little ones will definitely start developing big ideas!


What is a particle and why is entanglement so important? Characters Bob and Alice explain Quantum Entanglement for your baby (and for some of you also!)

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This book ends in a question that is not only puzzling for you and your child but for scientists also. How do particles decide their color/colour? Giving your child unanswered scientific questions may be the beginning of a new generation of scientists determined to find their answers. This is a must have book in your collection.


The title page says it all. A rocket soother! Your child will learn the basics of rocket science and Chris Ferried does not disappoint. How does a ball move? Can air go around it? What happens if we change the angle of the ball? Where does the shape go? Your little one will learn what happens when a wing has lift and the simple illustrations do not disappoint.

A brief explanation of fuel for a rocket ship will send your child tumbling into the fascinating world of rocket science. Your budding scientist will love the simple explanations of complicated concepts.

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We want to encourage a generation of budding scientists in different fields of work. Expose your babies, toddlers and young children to concepts that we never had available as children and pick up each of these books. We want to encourage a generation of STEM thinkers and these books by physicist and father of four, Chris Ferried is exactly what your family needs. Each of these books will be perfect for your family library. So get these for your children today so they can learn new concepts and you can have a proper refresher.