7 Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Health Before Birth

When you are pregnant, one of your biggest concerns is making sure that your baby is as healthy as possible, even before he or she leaves the womb. It is important for your baby to be healthy for the birth and for those first few months of life, when his or her immune system is developing. Fortunately, there are many things you can do while still pregnant to ensure a healthy baby. Read on for 7 prenatal tips to boost your baby’s health.
Folic Acid
In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that folic acid is one of the most important supplements you need to take for your baby’s health. It is actually important to begin taking folic acid before your pregnancy, if at all possible. You should then continue to take it during your pregnancy. It is essential for spine and brain development, and potentially preventing other birth defects. You can take a supplement to get extra folic acid.

The following foods are also rich in this nutrient:

● enriched grains
● lentils
● beans
● peas
● nuts
● avocados
● dark green vegetables
● citrus fruits

Omega-3 fatty acids are another important nutrient that you need for both your health during pregnancy and your baby’s health. Omega-3s are important for hormone production and can help with brain and vision development in your baby. Omega-3s can also help to prevent pregnancy issues such as low-birthweight, preeclampsia, and delivery before term.

You can find Omega-3s in cold-water fish like:

● salmon
● tuna
● sardines
● herring

But you also have to be careful of ingesting too much mercury during your pregnancy. You may wish to take a DHA and EPA fish oil supplement instead, especially if you have an aversion to fish.


Iron is an important mineral for your baby is it aids in red blood cell production, which moves oxygen through your body and to the baby. It is essential that your baby is getting enough oxygen, so you want to make sure that you increase your iron intake. You can take iron supplements or get extra iron from the following foods:

● dark leafy greens
● prunes
● figs
● raisins
● raspberries
● strawberries
● beets
● brussel sprouts
● broccoli
● potatoes
● lentils
● blackstrap molasses
● red meat
● liver

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables in general are essential to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Fruits and vegetables contain many of the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs to thrive. Additionally, if you are eating more fruits and vegetables you are less likely to eat junk foods. Studies have shown that mothers who eat healthy during pregnancy are more likely to have children who also make healthy food choices. Try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and aim for two-four servings of fruit and four servings of vegetables each day.

Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, and Cannabis

There are many reasons to avoid alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis during your pregnancy. Alcohol and tobacco are known to cause significant birth defects, and more research needs to be done on the effects of cannabis on fetal development. They can also lead to preterm births, which can be a problem. Your baby needs to spend as much time developing in the womb before birth, and important brain development occurs in those last few weeks of pregnancy that will be harder to get outside of the womb.

Talk to Your Baby

You may feel silly talking to your belly, but hearing your voice and the voice of your partner is important for your baby’s brain development and bonding. Somewhere around the 29th week, your baby can make out the sound of your voice. If you feel silly just talking to your baby, consider reading a book or playing music for them instead.

Rest get your baby healthy before birth

Rest is also essential for a healthy baby. Your body is working hard to grow another person and you need plenty of rest to recharge. Too little rest can lead to immune issues, which can in turn lead to preterm labor and low birth weight. You should be getting ample rest each night and take naps during the day.

A healthy pregnancy is the first step to giving your baby a healthy start in life. Taking these few simple measures, among others, will help your baby to be healthy and strong when he or she is born.

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