8 Simple Tricks To Stay Motivated When Things Fail


The Challenge: It’s difficult to stay motivated when things get rough.

The Science: Studies have shown that motivation is directly related to finding happiness and success.

The Solution: You can stay motivated by practicing these simple tips that can increase your positivity amidst the problems.


When everything is going smoothly the way we planned, happiness is so natural. We are so happy that we achieved our plans, or we got our dream car or house that we have been dreaming of for a long time. It’s a human nature that when we reached our dreams, we are more motivated to dream bigger. We would not stop.

But what happens when things fail? Often times, when things go wrong, dreams and goals are shattered. Negativity surrounds the person. Although at times you don’t have control with the circumstances, you can still stay motivated by having a positive mindset and creating a positive environment.

Here are 8 techniques to stay motivated when things go wrong:

  1. Control what you can and stop worrying about the things that you can’t control.

You’ll keep that positive energy when you would know how to spot the difference between the things that you can and the things that you can’t control. Let go of the things that you couldn’t control. When certain things go beyond your expectation, learn to move on and avoid being too much emotional as it can deter your happiness and success.

  1. Expect that good things are on your way.

One thing that would hold your motivation despite problems is your positive thinking. Each morning, tell yourself that good things are going to happen today, and it will.

  1. Be with positive people.

Positive people have high spirits. They are not easily discouraged by anything that come their way. Positivity is contagious, so you’ll likely think and act like them. When bad things occur, they would try to see the positive things behind the negative ones. Meanwhile, negative people think, talk and act negatively. Don’t be carried away by these people if you don’t want to get discouraged.

  1. Talk with positive affirmations.

What you think and speak are powerful forces that can trigger the outcome that you want. If you want to be motivated, say “I am happy and motivated, no matter what happens today.” Write it on a paper and post it somewhere where you can always see and read aloud each day.

Making a plan is one great way to increase your motivation. When you plan, you list down the things that you need to do from the start to the end. When there’s a plan, the ore you’ll be motivated to attain it.

  1. Reward yourself.

Reward yourself for each small or big thing that you have attained. It’s one great way to stay focused and keep you going despite some issues along the way. Buy yourself a new dress, a trip to another city, or treat yourself in a nice restaurant whenever you reach your goal.

  1. Build a support network.

Build a support team that may include your family and selected friends or workmates. These people can give you feedback and support you when things go wrong. Having supportive people around is one way to stay motivated amidst the problems.

  1. Learn from your errors.

One lesson in life that you should always keep in mind is to learn from mistakes. Mistakes are part of our life, but it should not define us. Keeping a positive mindset can keep you motivated despite your past mistakes.


Karen Schultz is a life and recovery coach. She is an author of several motivational books and e-books that aim to inspire and help people to stay positive, happy and successful in life. She also writes about addiction, recovery and <a href=”https://www.addictions.com/cocaine/types-treatment-cocaine-addiction/” target=”_blank” rel=”dofollow”>treatment for cocaine</a>. Karen believes that life is beautiful despite adversities. She loves cooking, sightseeing, gardening, yoga, listening to 70s songs, and spending time with her four grandchildren.