By: Himanshu Poswal

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During all my ventures in the hills and on the bus trips, here are a few things I experimented with and they actually helped.

Let me put them up one by one:


1) Book luxury buses/seats

One of the first priority you must be having is to book a luxury bus. This is simply for the reason that a travel journey as long as you mentioned will be a big test for your knees. I am not saying that the luxury buses are an answer to all of it but it make life little easier. If not the bus, there are a few seats which are termed to be luxury ones. Try and find out! If you do not find one, relax! I have more suggestions for you.


2) Do not be seated for long

A logical tip! As I mentioned in the first point itself, it will be a test of your knees. In short intervals, stand up and carefully roam in the bus itself. It will relax your body, remove any kind of fatigue and also will offer a delight to your knees.


3) Keep a fair stock of food and water

Since you are in remote areas, zig zags and the mountains, it is essential for you to keep a stock of the ample food and water. Your bus may stop at few places but hygiene is always a question and hence, take a note. Just keep a check that you are not overloading with luggage.


4) Avoid overeating

Rough terrain is one of the toughest journeys as a road trip in a bus. Hence, it is advised for you to avoid overeating which may, otherwise, cause serious health crisis. Take your meals properly but an excess of everything is bad.


5) Have an idea about your co-travellers

This is one important point in lieu to your security. Having an idea of the background of the co-travellers will help you assure about each others’ safety and security. This can be done either by establishing a conversation with them on the go or simply by checking out the details of passengers with your travel agent.


6) Always carry a power bank

If you are out anywhere, a power bank is a must have! It is genuine that you will be using your tech devices, be it a phone, i-pad, i-pod or even a laptop, buy a multi-purpose power bank and make sure you never miss it on your travel ventures. Make sure you buy a Versapak cash bag to make sure you don’t misplace it”


7) Carry an extra mobile phone with substitute sim

Okay, so this is one of the things that helped me a lot. I had lost my phone (which, I think fell somewhere on my trek) and on reaching the top of the mountain, I realised I am not having my cellular device. Luckily, back in my accommodation where I was staying, I had a substitute and it saved me in many terms.


8) Wear knee caps

One of the most helping experiment I conducted on myself. Knee caps offer a great support as you are sitting on a long journey.