Letter A Show and Tell – Show and tell is such a fun time for young children. They are able to see and learn about different objects and experiences. Every object has a story. Some hold a learning value, others, a sentimental value. Getting some ideas for show and tell is important. We have 80 LLetter A show and tell ideas for your child to bring to school.

What is show and tell

“Show and tell” is a popular educational activity, especially in elementary schools, where students bring an item from home to school and share it with their classmates. The purpose of “show and tell” is to improve students’ communication skills, build self-confidence, and encourage them to express themselves.

Here’s how a typical “show and tell” activity works:

  1. Each student is given a turn to present. They bring an object, photo, or something meaningful to them from home.
  2. The student stands in front of the class and shows the item to their classmates.
  3. They then proceed to tell the class about the item. This can include describing what it is, explaining its significance, sharing a personal story related to it, or discussing why they chose to bring it.
  4. After the presentation, the class may have an opportunity to ask questions or provide comments.

“Show and tell” not only helps students develop their public speaking and communication skills but also fosters a sense of community within the classroom as students get to know each other better through their presentations. It can be a fun and engaging way for students to share their interests, hobbies, and personal experiences with their peers and teacher.

Show and tell Letter A Ideas ( at least 85 of them) With Descriptions

Here are 85 “Show and Tell” ideas related to the letter “A” with brief descriptions for each:


Show a fresh apple and discuss its color, taste, and nutritional benefits.

Astronaut Costume:

Dress up as an astronaut and talk about space exploration.

Ant Farm:

Present an ant farm and explain how ants create tunnels.


Share a piece of your artwork and discuss your creative process.

Airplane Model:

Display a model airplane and discuss different types of aircraft.

African Mask:

Show an African mask and discuss its cultural significance.

Alphabet Book:

Share an alphabet book and read a page or two from it.

Aloha Shirt:

Display an Aloha shirt and talk about Hawaiian culture.

Alarm Clock:

Explain how an alarm clock works and why it’s important.

Acoustic Guitar:

Play a simple tune on an acoustic guitar and discuss music.

Astronomy Poster:

Display a poster of the solar system and discuss celestial bodies.


Show an avocado and explain its uses in cooking.

Action Figure:

Share an action figure and talk about the character it represents.

American Flag:

Present the American flag and discuss its history and symbolism.


Explain how an abacus is used for basic arithmetic.

Antique Coin:

Show an old coin and discuss its historical value.


Display an arrowhead and talk about Native American history.

Autumn Leaves:

Share colorful autumn leaves and discuss the changing seasons.

Amber Stone:

Show an amber stone and discuss its formation and uses.

Alphabet Blocks:

Play with alphabet blocks and talk about early literacy.

Animal Paw Print:

Display an animal paw print cast and discuss wildlife.

Aviator Sunglasses:

Wear aviator sunglasses and discuss different types of eyewear.

Ancient Map:

Show a replica of an ancient map and discuss cartography.


Present a small fish aquarium and talk about fish care.

Aladdin’s Lamp (Replica):

Show a replica of Aladdin’s lamp and discuss the story of Aladdin.

Amphibian Toy:

Share a toy frog or salamander and discuss amphibians.

Aloe Vera Plant:

Show an aloe vera plant and explain its medicinal properties.

Artificial Flower Arrangement:

Display an artificial flower arrangement and discuss aesthetics.

Aboriginal Boomerang:

Show an Aboriginal boomerang and discuss its use in hunting.

Aromatic Candle:

Share an aromatic candle and discuss scents and relaxation.

Anatomy Model (Human or Animal):

Present a small anatomy model and discuss body parts.

American Football:

Bring a mini American football and discuss the sport.

Apple Pie (Sample):

Offer a small sample of apple pie and discuss baking.

Alphabet Magnets:

Arrange alphabet magnets to spell words and discuss spelling.

Action Movie Poster:

Display a poster from an action movie and discuss the film.

Astrological Chart:

Show your astrological birth chart and discuss astrology.

Avian Feather:

Share a bird feather and discuss bird species.


Discuss the concept of an amphitheater and its historical use.

Alpaca Plush Toy:

Present an alpaca plush toy and discuss this unique animal.

Artifact Replica:

Show a replica of an ancient artifact and discuss its history.

Accordion (Small):

Play a tune on a small accordion and discuss musical instruments.

Ancient Egypt Book:

Share a book about Ancient Egypt and read an interesting fact.

Analog Watch:

Explain how an analog watch works and tell the time.Aquatic Plant: Show an aquatic plant from a fish tank and discuss underwater life.

Alphabet Puzzle:

Assemble an alphabet puzzle and discuss problem-solving.

African Drum:

Play a rhythm on an African drum and discuss percussion instruments.

Amusement Park Souvenir:

Share a souvenir from an amusement park and discuss fun rides.

Astronomy Telescope:

Discuss astronomy and show a small telescope.

Agricultural Tool:

Present a small agricultural tool and discuss farming.

Antique Jewelry:

Share a piece of antique jewelry and discuss its history.

American History Book:

Share a book about American history and read an interesting fact.

Antique Doll:

Present an antique doll and discuss toys from the past.

Avocado Toast (Sample):

Offer a small sample of avocado toast and discuss healthy eating.

Alphabet Chart:

Show an alphabet chart with pictures and discuss early education.

Action Hero Comic Book:

Share a comic book featuring an action hero and discuss comics.

Aquatic Creature Figurine:

Share a figurine of an aquatic creature (e.g., dolphin) and discuss marine life.

Amusement Park Map:

Display a map of an amusement park and discuss attractions.

Ancient Manuscript (Replica):

Show a replica of an ancient manuscript and discuss its content.

Art Easel:

Set up an art easel and discuss painting as a hobby.

Air Horn:

Demonstrate how an air horn works and discuss loud sounds.

Aztec Calendar (Replica):

Show a replica of the Aztec calendar and discuss its significance.

Armadillo Toy:

Share a toy armadillo and discuss this unique animal.

Antique Postcard:

Share an antique postcard and discuss historical communication.

Alphabet Flashcards:

Show alphabet flashcards and discuss letter recognition.

Antique Clock:

Explain how an antique clock works and tell the time.

Action Figure Collection:

Share a collection of action figures and discuss your favorites.

Antique Key:

Show an antique key and discuss locks and keys.

Astronomy Book:

Share a book about astronomy and read an interesting fact.

Artificial Snow Globe:

Present an artificial snow globe and discuss holiday decorations.

Amphibious Vehicle Toy:

Share a toy amphibious vehicle and discuss transportation.

Antique Map:

Show an antique map and discuss geographical changes over time.

Alphabet Wall Decals:

Display alphabet wall decals and discuss room decor.

Amateur Radio (Ham Radio):

Discuss amateur radio and share a small radio set.

American Revolution Toy Soldiers:

Share toy soldiers from the American Revolution era and discuss history.

Adventure Book:

Share a book about adventures and read an exciting passage.

Animal-shaped Balloon:

Blow up an animal-shaped balloon and discuss party decorations.

Astrology Zodiac Sign:

Discuss your astrology zodiac sign and its characteristics.

Astronomical Globe:

Show an astronomical globe and discuss celestial bodies.

Antique Camera:

Share an antique camera and discuss photography.

Artistic Sculpture:

Present a small artistic sculpture

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