Letter B Show and Tell Ideas – Show and tell is a special time for your little one. They can share their most precious possessions and keepsakes with their class. From an outdoor discovery to a keepsake, children love to see and learn at show and tell.

Sometimes, a child is assigned by a teacher a letter specific show and tell item. Here are the best Letter B show and tell ideas with descriptions to help you pick the perfect item.

Show and tell Letter B Ideas With Descriptions

The letter B brings some really interesting show and tell ideas that will help engage learning and interest of the entire class. Here are 85 “Show and Tell” ideas related to the letter “B” with brief descriptions for each:


Show your bicycle and discuss bike riding, safety, and adventures.

Beach Seashells:

Display a collection of seashells from the beach and share your beach experiences.

Bee Model:

Share a model of a bee and discuss the importance of bees in pollination.


Present your favorite book and read a short excerpt from it or discuss its plot.


Bring a basketball and talk about the sport, its rules, and your favorite basketball players.


Share colorful balloons and discuss parties, celebrations, and helium gas.


Show a banana and discuss its nutrition, taste, and different uses.

Bird’s Nest:

Present a bird’s nest (without eggs) and discuss bird habitats.


Display a bracelet and discuss jewelry, design, and personal preferences.

Baseball Cap:

Wear a baseball cap and talk about your favorite sports team.

Bunny Plush Toy:

Share a bunny plush toy and discuss rabbits as pets or in the wild.

Bonsai Tree:

Display a small bonsai tree and talk about the art of bonsai cultivation.

Butterfly Collection:

Show a collection of preserved butterflies and discuss their diversity.

Board Game:

Share a favorite board game and discuss strategy, rules, and fun experiences.

Brochure (from a recent trip):

Present a brochure from a recent trip and share your travel experiences.

Badge (e.g., Scout or Club):

Display a badge from a club or organization and discuss your involvement.

Beard Trimmer (toy or real):

Discuss personal grooming and demonstrate the use of a beard trimmer (toy version for safety).

Baby Photo:

Share a baby photo of yourself or a family member and discuss memories of infancy.

Beehive Model:

Show a model beehive and discuss the organization of bee colonies.

Birthday Card:

Display a birthday card you received and discuss the sentiment behind it.

Bicycle Helmet:

Talk about bicycle safety and the importance of wearing a helmet.

Bamboo Plant:

Present a small bamboo plant and discuss its symbolism and care.


Share a collection of bookmarks and discuss your favorite books.

Baseball Glove:

Discuss the sport of baseball and demonstrate catching with the glove.

Banana Bread (Sample):

Offer a sample of homemade banana bread and discuss baking.


Show a pair of binoculars and discuss their uses for birdwatching or exploring.

Baking Set (e.g., measuring cups and spoons):

Discuss baking as a hobby and demonstrate using the set.

Beaded Jewelry:

Share handmade beaded jewelry and discuss crafting and design.

Bee Costume:

Dress up as a bee and discuss the role of bees in nature.

Basketball Card:

Share a collectible basketball card and discuss sports memorabilia.

Butterfly Life Cycle:

Present a visual representation of a butterfly’s life cycle and discuss metamorphosis.

Bubble Wand:

Show a bubble wand and demonstrate how to create bubbles.

Beach Towel:

Discuss beach trips and the importance of a beach towel.

Banjo (toy or real):

Play a tune on a toy banjo or discuss playing a real banjo.

Baby Shoes:

Share a pair of baby shoes and discuss memories of your early years.

Bento Box (Japanese lunchbox):

Show a bento box and discuss Japanese cuisine and culture.

Bottle Cap Collection:

Share a collection of unique bottle caps and discuss collecting hobbies.

Building Blocks:

Create something using building blocks (e.g., LEGO) and discuss creativity.

Beekeeper’s Suit (toy or real):

Discuss beekeeping and show a beekeeper’s suit (toy version for safety).

Boat Model:

Present a model boat and discuss sailing, ships, or boating experiences.

Bonsai Garden Poster:

Display a poster of a bonsai garden and discuss bonsai aesthetics.

Balloon Animals (if skilled):

Create balloon animals and discuss balloon artistry.

Beaded Necklace:

Share a beaded necklace you made and discuss crafting.

Bookmark with a Quote:

Share a bookmark with an inspirational quote and discuss its meaning.

Bird Feeder:

Show a bird feeder and discuss birdwatching and feeding local birds.


Display your backpack and discuss its purpose for school or outdoor activities.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano:

Create a baking soda and vinegar volcano as a fun science experiment.

Badge Collection:

Share a collection of badges from various events or achievements and discuss your accomplishments.

Babushka Doll (Matryoshka):

Show a set of nesting dolls and discuss Russian culture.

Bottle of Bubble Solution:

Share a bottle of bubble solution and demonstrate how to blow bubbles.

Beach Ball:

Bring a beach ball and discuss beach games and outdoor activities.

Banana Plant (or Banana Tree) Picture:

Display a picture of a banana plant and discuss banana cultivation.

Baboon Plush Toy:

Share a baboon plush toy and discuss wildlife.

Birthday Candle:

Discuss birthday traditions and the significance of blowing out candles.

Bird’s Feather Collection:

Share a collection of bird feathers and discuss birdwatching.

Beekeeping Smoker (toy or real):

Explain the use of a beekeeping smoker (toy version for safety) and discuss beekeeping.

Bilingual Book:

Share a bilingual book and discuss the benefits of learning multiple languages.

Bakery Treat (Sample):

Offer a sample of a bakery treat (e.g., a cookie) and discuss baked goods.

Boxing Glove:

Discuss the sport of boxing and demonstrate how to put on boxing gloves.

Baby Blanket:

Share a baby blanket and discuss its significance and warmth.

Basketball Hoop (miniature):

Discuss basketball and demonstrate shooting hoops with a miniature hoop.

Banana Peel (real):

Discuss composting and the biodegradability of banana peels.

Beekeeping Book:

Share a book about beekeeping and read an interesting fact from it.

Ballet Slippers:

Display ballet slippers and discuss dance and performing arts.

Beetle Collection:

Share a collection of preserved beetles and discuss insect diversity.

Biking Trail Map:

Present a biking trail map and discuss outdoor adventures.

Bonsai Artwork:

Share artwork featuring bonsai trees and discuss artistic expression.

Board Game Piece (e.g., chess):

Discuss strategic board games and demonstrate a move.

Beekeeping Veil (toy or real):

Explain the use of a beekeeping veil (toy version for safety) and discuss beekeeping safety.

Botanical Garden Brochure:

Share a brochure from a botanical garden and discuss plant diversity.

Building Blueprint (toy or real):

Share a building blueprint (toy version for safety) and discuss architecture.

Bread Recipe Card:

Share a bread recipe card and discuss baking as a hobby.

Book of Poetry:

Share a book of poetry and recite a favorite poem.

Beach Sand Sample:

Bring a small sample of beach sand and discuss coastal environments.

Banana Costume:

Dress up in a banana costume and discuss fun costumes.

Beach Umbrella (toy or real):

Discuss beach trips and show a beach umbrella (toy version for safety).

Beekeeping Journal:

Share a journal kept during beekeeping experiences and discuss observations.

Ballet Tutu:

Display a ballet tutu and discuss dance performances.

Bamboo Flute:

Play a tune on a bamboo flute and discuss musical instruments.

Baby Toy (e.g., rattle):

Share a baby toy and discuss childhood memories.


Present a birdhouse and discuss birdwatching and nesting.

Bamboo Sushi Mat:

Discuss Japanese cuisine and show a bamboo sushi mat.

Bicycle Bell:

Show a bicycle bell and discuss safety while riding a bike.

Building Blocks Tower:

Build a tower using building blocks (e.g., LEGO) and discuss engineering.

Ballet Performance Program:

Share a program from a ballet performance and discuss the art of ballet.

These “Show and Tell” ideas with descriptions should help students prepare engaging presentations related to the letter “B.” They can choose the one that interests them the most and share it with their classmates.

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