Happy Mother’s Day

Here I am on my second Mother’s Day and it feels great! Today is the day that we celebrate and appreciate moms for all that they do and are to us. Of course we should be appreciating our mothers every day but it can be hard to do. So today, is our friendly reminder to tell them how great and awesome they are!

I was excited to just spend the day with my daughter and husband as our family time means the world to me. I did get some ‘me time’ with a relaxing pedicure and got beautiful purple orchids but the one gift that I wasn’t expecting was the feeling of proudness!


It all started with the card that I got from my daughter which said: “Mom, you take good care of me! You’re the best mom in the whole world! And I hope you’re proud of that, ‘cause I sure am! Happy Mother’s Day.”

After fighting back the tears, it hit me! Yes, I should be proud!

As I look into her eyes and watch her smile melt my heart, I realized that I am contributing to who she was becoming. I am an influencer, role model, and teacher. As a mom we are so much and we give ourselves every single day. But yet, I know I am always doubting if I am doing a good job as a mom. But today I have realized that I am doing a great job, as I know that I am doing my very best for her every single day.

I can see my daughter’s loving, caring and full of life energy develop through each passing day. I am proud to see her grow, learn and come into her own personality. This is why I am extremely proud to be called ‘Mom’.

It took a little card to help me realize how truly important Mother’s Day was. For me it will be a day to be proud and to self-appreciate the most beautiful, rewarding, stressful and tiring role of my life; motherhood!

To all the moms, know that you are awesome and we are all thankful for your impact in our lives. Enjoy your day today and don’t forget to be proud of yourself and appreciate what you have accomplished!

Until next time…….Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga