Does Absolute Power Diminish Democracy?

a faint

World War Two was won, by the Germans and this is the account of young Thomas Haroldson who must choose between the P.O.L.I.C.E. force ruling Germany or go with the freedom fighters, le Rebells.

This dystopian book will make parents think and take them into a clash of two civilizations. If you have a well read teenaged child, this will be a fun book to have and to engage conversation about the ‘what ifs’ after the War that changed the world.

What we loved about this book is there is no good side or bad side. It is essentially not black or white. Thomas struggles as the world faces it’s most worst scenario, World War Three is happening and the USA has toppled as a super power. Thomas tries to live a normal teenaged life but is thrusted into some tough decisions, decisions that will question his moral compass. Can he convince both sides to agree to something? You will have to read the book and find out what happens next.


This book can be enjoyed by parents and teenagers alike. It’s a thought provoking novel that can bring enlightened thought, debate and conversation between your teen and yourself. Make this a family read. To buy A Faint Echo, click here!